$1 Bin Dr. Seuss Wall Art & READ letters

 I completed two small projects for the reading nook/play house I’m creating in our closet underneath the stairs. My kids just love it down there! Here’s them on move in day 🙂
 I found these bags in Target’s dollar bin a few months ago and decided these would be perfect for this space! We love anything Dr. Seuss around here…
 I picked up these blank canvas 8×8 squares today at Joann’s for 40% off.

 All I did was cut up the bags and adhere them to the back tightly with thumb tacks.

I’ve seen so many of these cute reusable bags lately and they make great wall art!
 I also painted some letters to go along with it for this space.
Stay tuned to see it all come together 🙂 Thanks so much for all your sweet comments about moving! I am loving our new space and town.
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23 thoughts on “$1 Bin Dr. Seuss Wall Art & READ letters

  1. What a fun use of those bags! I picked a couple up to use as gift bags for kiddo presents. I'm now wishing I had more!

  2. Thanks for linking up at the Create & Inspire Party! We will be featuring YOU tonight! Be sure to stop by and link up more fabulous projects!


  3. What a great idea! I've always wondered what to do with all those great bags from Target. I am a follower of your blog on Facebook and would love if you could take some time and come check out my blog (http://sarahsaturdiy.blogspot.com/) and share some of the blog love! Have a great week!

  4. I am looking for a way that we could possibly attach these bags to the back of the classroom chairs for a chair cover/name tag holder or something?? Is that possible? Target had these red and blue cloth chair covers that had stars on them and a slot for a name tag that were just a $1 – but I haven’t seen them now for a few years – so I thought I could somehow create one out of these bags? Do you have any creative ideas? I purchased 22 of the red and white striped ones with all the Cat in the Hat, Horton, Thing 1 & 1 and the yellow fish at the top.

  5. I’ve been trying to figure out what wall art to make for the reading corner of my nursery. This is IT! So clever and looks easy for someone who is uncrafty like me! Thanks!

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