DIY Dr. Seuss Shirts & Hair Clips

My son is learning to read in kindergarten this year, and can now read books like Green Eggs and Ham from Dr. Seuss by himself. There’s something so meaningful and great as a parent when you hear your child able read for the first time. I love it!

This past summer I put out a post about how I filled out the same “All about Me” Dr. Seuss book with my son that I did in 1985.

At the end I added these treats made with Oreos and gummy lifesavers. Guess what? This is by far the most pinned image and popular post I’ve had! I think that is so random and funny…and just today it received 7,000 page views. I think it’s because Dr. Seuss Day is March 2! Are you celebrating?
If you’re looking to buy Dr. Seuss books or films try these Overstock coupons.

We are for sure! 🙂 Here are some goodies I made yesterday for the kids…

These are buttons stacked and hot glued together on top of a hair clip.

For shirts I used sheets of Quick Fuse fabric that you can print and iron on. I buy mine from Joanne’s in the fabric section. I found these images on Google and resized them on Word to print..

Here they are ironed on.

To embellish further I hand stitched some ruffles with satin red ribbon for the hat.

I stitched a bow to the other shirt with the same ribbon.

Yay! Super cute….They’re all ready!

P.S. I wanted to point out that I added a way to follow me through Linky tools on the upper right hand side. I guess Google Friend Connect is going away soon so here is a way to follow blogs you love. Thanks!

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DIY Cornhole Game

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FINALLY…There’s a manly post on this girly blog of mine!!

First let me gush for a sec about my hubby. (Here he is on our wedding day.)

He is the smartest, most hardworking. thoughtful, and best dad/husband a girl could ever hope for. I lucked out for sure. And these beautiful big blue eyes my kids have..they’re from him.

Wanna know something cool? We met on almost 7 years ago. ( He hates when I tell people this… ha ha) This was his exact profile picture. I’m the one who initiated the contact. lol I remember that clearly. Oh and he’s the first and only person I ever met from there. So I always say yep I paid $50 to meet my hubby! 🙂

My guy happens to work in the construction industry, has power tools, is very handy and a great DIY-er. He recently made us a cornhole game for the backyard. I had never heard of that game until I met him. I think it’s a midwest thing. He’s from Indiana and a proud Purdue Alum….hence the black and gold.

Cornhole is very much like horseshoes. It’s usually played tournament style with beanbags, and anyone can play it so it really does make a great family game. He followed these instructions from It was about $50 in wood. There’s also a ton of info about rules on the American Cornhole Association (ACA) website.

I think these would make great wedding gift (for the right couple) with a cool monogram..Do you play cornhole or something similar?

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La La La La…Elmo Nails (DIY)

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My daughter has been a BIG HUGE fan of Elmo since she was tiny. Here’s a picture of when she turned two. (Notice she had no hair but that didn’t stop me from decorating her head!) ha

That year she had a Girly Elmo Party! It was such a fun theme. And these pics were BB & BP..before blogging & before pinterest…:)

When I recently “Pinned” some Elmo inspired nails on Pinterest via Pretty Polishes, she immediately saw it and squealed happily. Then for about 5 days straight asked if we could do Elmo Nails. So here it is..What we used for these sweet nails: red, black,orange, and white polish. Plus a black nail striper polish, and a large & small nail dotting tool.

I recently found a great inexpensive way to buy nail supplies! I simply asked my local nail salon where they buy and they told me. So I found two local nail supply stores called Sunlight Nail Supply, and Hollywood Beauty Supply in Chandler, AZ and love what I found at both shops.

I picked up a pack of nail dotters for $5.00 and a large dotter for $3.50. Plus they sell nail stripers for $2.00, OPI polish for $5, China Glaze $3.00, and nail art stickers fro 1$. I also found nail sticker polish for 1$. The Sally Hansen ones I love are $8.00 at drug stores!

If you’re looking for red nail polish, check here with coupons for Overstock.

After your nails are painted red here are the easy dotting steps…

Everyone at my little girl’s school went nuts over these yesterday. She was proudly telling everyone “My mommy made Elmo Nails!”….serious cuteness!

How cute would these be at an Elmo party?!..

And now for your Friday funny….You’ve gotta dance along with Elmo on a Sesame Street spoof of that LMFAO song that seems to be everywhere these days…It’s kids LOVE,,

I’m Elmo and I know it!!!! I make art! Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle..Ya.

Thanks for visiting and have a beautiful weekend! xo

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My Heart Nails & My Kids Valentine’s for School

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Are we all ready for tomorrow? I finished our valentine’s just now. More on that in a sec. I wanted to show you a quick idea on how to DIY some hearts on your nails or your little angels. You can use a bobby pin, pen tip, and toothpicks to “dot” on some hearts like I did here. This is what I came up with but any combo of festive colors would be cute! It really is very easy. Here’s how to dot on a heart. 🙂
There are coupons for Kmart if you’re looking to buy nail polish.

It’s easy..just practice on some scratch paper. Have fun!

Earlier this month I made these photo cards for my kids

I wanted to add a cute candy treat to go along with their “themes”, so this is what I found.
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I combined the fabulous & free superhero lollipop printables from both the Zacca Life and little bit funky.

Blonde Designs has these cute mustache printables.

All these mustaches made me want some on my nails today! My 3 yr old wants to know why I have bats on them and hubby thinks it’s kinda “creepy”. Ha!

Thanks for stopping by!! This cold/flu season has been the worst EVER for us. I am sick AGAIN..ugh..and so is my son. He will be so sad if he misses all the Valentine’s Day fun tomorrow. Can’t we just all be healthy at the same time?!

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My New Hair & a Deal for Phoenix Area Readers

Hi! Let’s talk about my hair for a sec. My dear hubby likes (well is obsessed) with long hair. I had been growing it out for about 7 years since we met. Then, on a whim a couple months ago I chopped it off. I found an instant Groupon and randomly did it without telling anyone. It felt awesome. I have always loved my hair short so it was like the old sassier me! ha..well not really. Oh after he got over the shock, he says he likes it too. 🙂
Today I went back to the same neighborhood salon and had her reshape it.

This is Marissa. She is super fab, cute, nice, and TALENTED! Now that I don’t work outside the home, expensive salons are not an option for me. Honestly though, I always hated spending lots of money on my hair. Plus, I prefer low key type places instead of the pretentious expensive type salons. Marissa did an A-line longer graduated bob cut on me 🙂

We forgot to get a before picture, but this is what it pretty much looked like. The before pic is from last Easter with my pumpkin girl.

So are you ready for the BEST part? Do you live in the Phoenix/Chandler/Ahwatukee area? Marissa has agreed to offer my readers a hair cut and style for just $18! Yep! Just mention it when you call to make an appointment.
Here’s the salon info:
The Salon Spot In Ahwatukee Arizona
(480) 776-6863
4909 East Chandler Blvd Suite 507
Phoenix, Arizona 85048

Keepin it Fancy & Frugal,

DIY Converse Nails Tutorial

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Hi friends! Here’s what I just did while watching the Superbowl with my little fam. Speaking of Superbowl..Madonna still rocks. We were all vogue-ing right along 🙂 That was a great show, right?!

Anyways, I took this opportunity to actually paint MY nails. My inspiration was this great channel on YouTube by Cutepolish.

Here’s what I used. Black and white nails stripers (long thin brush), black, pink, white polish, and a pen & toothpick for “dotting”.

1. I painted all my nails 2 coats of pink.
2. With the striper do a white outline on the nail tip. (Like a french tip)
3. Fill it in with the white polish.
4. Make 3 silver dots down each side of nail with a pen or bobby pin.
5. Make laces with the white striper.
6. With a toothpick dot some black on top of the silver. (They should be smaller dots.)
7. Make a black stripe across the top with the striper.
8. I just did my 3 middle fingers. Make sure it’s dry before you clear coat.

Isn’t that super fun! I love a cute pink converse…Wouldn’t turquoise be cool too? Try it!

Thanks for stopping by!!! xo

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Heart Elephant Applique Top & My Valentine’s Day Entry

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My little one LOVES elephants so here’s what I made for her to wear this Valentine’s Day! It’s an elephant heart applique top. She is completely thrilled with it!

Here’s a shot of the shapes I used. They have Wonder Under (fusible web) ironed onto the back of the fabric.

After ironing onto the shirt, I added buttons for eyes and to the trunk, and then hand stitched around the edges. This solid white Gymboree top was a Goodwill $1 day score! Yay! Speaking of Goodwill…I tend to post some of my thrift store finds via Facebook so make sure to follow along there too!

My entry table is all set for Valentine’s Day with my Idea Room wreath from last year 🙂

I added a couple cute festive and free printables found here and here in my thrift store pedestal frames.

I just wanted to thank you all so very much for voting for me to win a ticket to the SNAP creative bloggers conference. Although I did not win, I bought a ticket and am for sure attending!!! Hooray I can’t wait 🙂 DO I have any readers going? And can I sit with you? lol


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