Cooking with Wonton Wrappers

 I’ve been having fun cooking with won ton wrappers lately and my family has loved it. (Even my picky kiddies!) I thought I’d share pics of two meals I’ve made recently. This is not really a recipe but more an idea to incorporate some fun in your everyday recipes. Plus at just 20 calories per wrap it can be a lighter way to make lasagnas and tacos. Plus everyone loves cute fancy looking food, right?!

 For these mini lasagnas I made my basic tomato meat sauce and then layered the muffin tins with the wrap, meat sauce, skim milk ricotta, and a little Parmesan. Also the wrappers can be found by the refrigerated organic dairy items in your grocery store. I had to ask about 4 people where they were and mostly I got a “what?” or “hugh?”…
After just a few minutes in the oven they look fantastic. Remember to use non stick spray.
 I think next time I might use two wrappers per muffin tin. This plus a great salad make a yummy easy meal!
We love our taco Tuesdays at our house!…It’s one of the few meals there’s no whining at the dinner table.
For this meal I just made my taco filling using this homemade taco seasonings recipe via Whole New Mom. (Great website by the way)…
Then I topped with a little cheddar cheese and baked in the oven. I used cilantro, tomatoes, and avocado as toppings.
I’m sure there’s so many ways to use these cool wrappers….Wouldn’t these look cool as a holiday party appetizer?
Have a wonderful week!

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Arctic Zero (150 cal per Pint) Organic Frozen Dessert Review

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own***
As soon as I heard from a friend about Arctic Zero’s 150 calorie per pint frozen desserts I knew I needed to try some. We’ve made some major positive changes to our eating habits lately and ice cream is always my downfall especially in the summer! This is such a great substitute.
Arctic Zero is an all natural organic gluten free frozen dessert that can be best described as a delicious frozen protein shake!
I’ve been having a tough week adjusting to the idea of moving out of state next month for my husband’s job. They are unexpectedly relocating us from Phoenix to the Fresno, CA area. I’ll be scrambling trying to find us a house and schools next week 🙂
This insulated dry ice filled box came in the mail a couple days ago and it really cheered us up! We’ve had great little “ice cream” socials this week.

 Make sure you visit Arctic Zero’s website for all the ingredients and nutritional info.

What is Arctic Zero?
Arctic Zero is a high quality guilt free frozen dessert that is all natural, gluten free, suitable for lactose intolerants, and low glycemic. Like “super foods”, we like to call it a “super dessert”. People consume it for many reasons: just a snack, to replace a meal, indulge guilt free and the list goes on.
What is Arctic Zero sweetened with?
Arctic Zero is sweetened with a proprietary blend of monk fruit concentrate and organic cane sugar. We do not use artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols of any kind. What is monk fruit? One of the sweetest melons in the world, monk fruit concentrate is 150 times sweeter than sugar and one gram replaces 40 teaspoons of sugar.
Is Arctic Zero dairy free and or vegan?
Arctic Zero contains whey protein concentrate, which is a milk derivative and therefore is not dairy free or vegan. If you have dairy/milk allergies please consult your physician.
Where can I buy Artic Zero?
Yop retailers include KROGER STORES, DILLON’S, KING SOOPERS, FRYS, FRED MEYERS, RALPHS, QFC and SMITHS! Visit here for the store locator.

My husband and I were the first to eat the vanilla chocolate covered bars…They were delish and his fav at only 86 calories per bar!

 My daughter loved these pictured flavors: Mint Chocolate Cookie, Cookies & Cream, & Stawberry.

My favorites were these three. I hid the coffee flavor in the back of the freezer just for me! ha. The mint chocolate cookie tasted like Thin Mints! Yummmm..

 My son was all about the chocolate!

Yay Arctic Zero was a great big huge success at our house!!
Have you tried this product yet? Let me know what you think about it!
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Amazon also sells Arctic Zero!


Teacher Monogram Wreath & Crayon Chalkboard Sign

Hi Friends! I have two more back to school projects to tell you about today….First I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your comments and response to this wreath. I appreciate it. My sis in law LOVED it and is going to display it proudly in her first elementary school class!
Also, I was featured in our little local newspaper this past Sunday. I contacted them to see if they wanted any back to school ideas and they sent over a reporter and photographer two days later! It was a nice article you can read here if you’d like. 🙂 
So here is a back to school monogram I made this weekend for another very special person. I had lots of crayons and pencils left over and used them here. 
I painted the K from Joanne’s craft store blue. Then I added pencils and crayons with hot glue.

I love these little details from Hobby Lobby. I painted a star and added ribbon to make a little award.
My aunt is such a special person to us. Her bravery, joy, and all around positive funny attitude on life is a true inspiration. Not only has she battled MS and recently breast cancer, she is now starting her 20th year of teaching kindergarten at Gilbert Elementary in AZ! She was getting her class ready today and I brought this treat for her 🙂
 How cute is she?! I think she liked the K for Mrs. Ketron.
So the next project is a cute chalkboard sign I made as a photo prop for the first day of school, but it would make an excellent gift for a teacher too. Maybe a sign for the door.

I found this unfinished sign at Hobby Lobby for around $3. I used some paint for the trim and chalkboard paint for the middle.
 I used a sharpie to make ruler marks on the sign, and hot glued crayons to the back. I also used this clear chalkboard paint coating on the apple. It makes anything a chalkboard. Cool right?
Here’s a practice picture for the real picture next month 🙂 I know I have back to school on my mind lately!? Do you? Take Care!

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Crayon & Pencil Wreath (Back to School Craft)

Hi Friends! Today I’m sharing a back to school treat that I made for my cute sister in law who just accepted her first elementary school job teaching first grade. We are so excited for her and she is busy getting her classroom together. Make sure to check out my growing Pinterest board “Back 2 School” ideas.
Most of us here only have about 19 days til school starts. Geesh does that seems early or what?
This project really started with lots of crayons, pencils and hot glue and evolved from there. School supply deals seem to popping up all over so my supplies were inexpensive. I had no plan and just started gluing.
My husband cut a bunch of pencils to 3/4 length with his table saw for me. (Thanks Hubs!)

I did cut a few crayons down to make it look nicer in picture 2. Pencils were glued to the underneath of the wood wreath frame. It took awhile to figure out spacing on the pencils because it’s easy for them to look wonky. It helped to place some ahead to make sure I stayed straight (pic 3). So ended up with this wreath and thought it looked more like a letter O and wasn’t quite happy with it.
So off to Michel’s craft store and came back with the following 3 items. The finished wood frame is very lightweight. I painted the frame yellow and the middle part with chalkboard paint.
I glued on that apple last and think it’s so darn cute!
So because I didn’t plan anything out first, the back isn’t so eye pleasing. The frame is secured with a looped ribbon and a heavier glue (e6000). It has to be hung by the wood wreath frame. So it probably wouldn’t work on a door, but maybe she can secure it to a wall or wreath hanger on her desk? 
Yay I looooove how it turned out!!!

My fav part is that she can change and customize the message!
So what do you think? A good teacher gift? Are you getting ready for school to start too?

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Avocado, Corn, Cilantro & Lime Quinoa Salad


We’ve been making some positive food changes lately along with rejoining the gym after a 6 year period of not working out since having kids. Yep instead of crash dieting/fasting I’ve decided to become healthy the “right” way. There’s not going to be a super strict “diet”, because I lose weight then gain it right back with those, It’s getting old….blah I don’t like talking about it.
The difference now is I just want myself and my family to all be healthy and not a specific size or weight. I also can’t just eat plain protein and veggies forever. I love food, parties, cooking, and bright flavors too much.
This recipe has veggies, high protein grain, and just as important… It tastes wonderful!


I’ve had quinoa before at restaurants and for some reason thought it would be difficult to cook, but in reality it’s easy just like rice.
This salad was adapted by one I had pinned from a beautiful blog called Eating For England. Her’s had black beans, but I had pinto beans in my pantry. I also added corn, used less onion, forgot the garlic.
Here is exactly what I used:


1 cup dry quinoa, rinsed
1 tbsp olive oil 
1 3/4 cup water
(Toast the dry quinoa over med heat for 2-4 min with the oil, then add water, and simmer for 20 min til it cooks through.)
1 can pinto or black beans, drained and rinsed
1 avocado, chopped into chunks
2 small tomatoes chopped
1/4 red onion, diced
1 red bell pepper, chopped 
small handful cilantro, diced
chopped BBQ chicken (if desired)
Dressing (whisk together):
1 lime, juiced
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tbsp olive oil
salt, to taste


Once you toss it all together it takes a few minutes for all the flavor to soak in. It’s actually even better the next day! And we actually added grilled barbecue chicken (not pictured) to it and made it a meal.
My husband and I both loved this salad and I’m sure you will too!
The next day I took this treat to a BBQ and it was a big hit. It’s just low cal angel food cake, fresh strawberries, and a little drizzled Nutella. I melted a few tablespoons in a glass dish for 10 sec in the microwave, then drizzled.
Perfect end of the week treat!
Do you love cooking with Quinoa?




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Citrus Nails Tutorial

Hi! Wow.. my watermelon nails from last month seem to be quite popular, so today I’m showing you how to paint these cute and easy citrus inspired nails. We are pretty much inside bound these hot days if we’re not at the pool. This is something fun my little girl and I like to do together 🙂 My frugal tip on buying nail polish is to find a nail supply store. One that supplies to salons. There’s one here in Tempe, AZ that happens to be in an Asian marketplace. I get China Glaze and OPI for $4-5…I love nice polish, but it can get expensive! 

First I painted 2 thin coats of a light pink. Then I used an orange color and made rounded edges. Its real easy just start out on one end and swoop it over to the other side. After that dried, I used a white striper polish to make these citrus lines on the inside part of the orange. Stripers are polish with super long brushes and can be found at the beauty supply. I decided to do another line with a yellow striper.
Cute, Right?!…

I used a similar design with my little one’s nails, except added yellow and green colors.
Little toes are so much cuter! 🙂 

Thanks for always stopping by with sweet comments! I treasure each one. Hope everyone is having a fun summer 🙂 
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Legoland California (Money Saving Tips)

** Sponsored post from LEGOLAND, but all opinions are mine.**

 We recently took a family road trip and break from our extreme heat to San Diego last week and our first stop was LEGOLAND California. I had heard mixed reviews from friends who have done this theme park, but I am happy to report that we LOVED it! What a super fun park. It wasn’t terribly crowded and my kids were the perfect ages for this one at 4 and 6 years old. We spent only one day because I wanted lots of beach time and I felt like we saw it all (except for the water park and aquarium). Those did look neat too.
 Here are some of my thoughts and tips for Legoland:

Don’t pay full price for the tickets! 
There are currently at least 2 national discounts going on. 
                                             Quaker Life Cereal Box: FREE Child’s ticket with purchase of Adult
Burger King: FREE Child’s ticket with purchase of Adult. This is available on the BK Crown in the Kid’s Meal.
–Your AAA card, if you have one, will get you 10% off tickets. Visit here for some other discounts at Legoland.
–I’ve also seen discount gift cards at Costco for Legoland.
–I’ve also heard reports of coupons in Lego magazines!
–There are lockers at the front of the park so we brought a cooler with our lunches, drinks, and snacks for the kids. My aunt had an awesome fresh Caprese salad and fresh fruit at the wonderful deli by the lockers. It was pretty reasonably priced too!
–I thought it was worth the $20 for the preferred parking because it literally was just steps away from the entrance.  
–There is a free LEGOLAND phone AP with a Map, show times, and Lego trivia for when standing in line 🙂
–I LOVED the lego play areas next to the rides so the kids can play instead of standing in line. Whomever thought of that is a genius!
–There were lots of tame rides for the littles and a few older kid rides and roller coasters.
–Bring the kids a swim suit even if you do not go to the water park. There are lots of wet rides like a log ride that they loved but also got really soaked. We had to go in the “Family Dryer”! ha

                     Here’s our visit in photos!

Kids playing Legos while dad waited in line 🙂
Family dryer time!!

 We enjoyed the life size Lego sculptures! 
 Thanks for stopping by! We had a lovely time in San Diego and now it’s 113 today here…yikes!
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"Energy Bites" Recipe

When my sis in law posted about these no bake “Energy Balls” on Facebook I had to try immediately.
She uses flax seed but I didn’t have any and used Fiber One cereal instead.
Here’s the recipe:
3 Cups Oats
1 Cup Peanut Butter
1 Cup Honey
1 Cup Fiber One Cereal or Flax
1/2 cup chocolate chips

Roll them up in balls and refrigerate.

 They were an absolute crowd pleaser!! Perfect snack or treat!! I like that I sneaked in some Fiber One cereal..

My daughter said, “Oh I like these meatballs!” lol


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Snow Cone Sign Printable

A few months ago when we threw my little girl a 4th rainbow birthday party, I set up a cute little snow cone station outside. It was such a huge hit with both kids and adults! This would be a fun summer activity to cool off so I’m sharing it with you all today. It’s a cool 113 here today so one of these sounds fantastic right now!

Here is the easy cute sign I made via PicMonkey for my framed sign and tag.
You can right click on the image and save/print from your computer if you’d like to use it. I printed an 8×10 for my sign and 4×6 for the tag.
I painted an upside down shoe box red and cut out holes for the cones. It worked out as a great holder with matching ribbon and tag! Inexpensive and cute…I just realized I have no pics of actual snow cones cause those kids were too fast!

Hope you are having a great summer! Stay cool 🙂 


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Happy 4th of July!

Hi Friends,
Just wanted to wish you all a fun day of red, white, & blue with your families.
I saw this cool golfball & baseball wall art at my kids’ pediatrician’s office last week…Wouldn’t that be a fun thrift store project?!

I am on vacation this week with 68 degree weather in San Diego with my family…It’s one if our favorite places!