Easy & Delicious Ground Turkey Taco Soup Recipe

Here’s an easy and healthy soup to make before you take out your trick or treaters tonight.
My family is a really big fan of taco soup and this is the recipe I use. 
I also started making my own taco seasoning without MSG. Try this recipe from Whole New Mom.

I’ve made this on the stove and also browned the meat and onions and then thrown the rest in a slow cooker. It comes out great!
I like to top mine with avacado and tortilla strips…delish comfort food!
I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!
 This is a $9 romper from Groopdealz and $5.00 cat kit from Target. I tied a cute ribbon around her neck and eyeliner for nose and wiskers 🙂
Happy Halloween!

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DIY Halloween Chevron Nails (Easy Halloween Manicure)

Here’s an easy last minute nail art idea for Halloween that you might already have all the supplies for!
You can easily make a chevron pattern with any colors you’d like for different holidays or occasions using regular tape, scrapbook scissors, and nail polish.

Just paint a couple coats of polish on the tape and let dry.
Then use scrap booking scissors to make your nail art strips. You can alternate colors and make skinny and wider strips.
I used a cuticle cutter to cut min to size. 
Then use a good top coat! 
That’s it 🙂 Just have fun.

I used a nail striper (It’s a polish with a super long brush) to draw a simple web on one of my nails, 
My daughter also wanted some festive nails so I did hers too. She wanted ghosts so I used a large dotting tool to make 1 large dot and 3 underneath with white polish for a ghost body. Use a toothpick or small dotting tool for the eyes and nose 🙂 
The other day I was getting a little sentimental and went through all our Halloween pics through out the last six years. Time goes by too fast! 
Here are some of my favorite pics from Halloweens past.
Yes some years we have a few costumes 🙂 
Tonight we are making chili and cornbread for dinner and carving our pumpkins! 
Here are ours from last year 🙂
I’m thinking of our east coast friends, family, and readers today. Stay Safe…
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Pantry #2 (Organizing with thrift store items and chalkboard vinyl)

Hi Friends! 
Remember this summer when I did a little makeover with some fancy & frugal pantry organizing….

 and then we had to move?! 
Well the first day we moved in the pantry was my my first project 🙂

My hubby was was like “Really? Can’t we just unpack everything first?”
“No we must style the pantry now.” 🙂

Knowing I wouldn’t be close to a Hobby Lobby I picked up a roll of chalkboard vinyl before we left. It’s my very favorite organizing tool and everywhere in my house! 
Yes I just cut all the labels with scissors.,,,

The general theme of my pantry organization method is to collect containers and baskets from thrift stores and then take most everything out of the original package to store.
I used the chalkboard vinyl on the inside of my cabinets.

Lazy Susans are a must for pantry items! I think I need one fro my fridge next…

Baskets for my kid snacks…
 I no longer have an entire closet but I’m glad everything still fits!
 Have you organized your pantry lately? I think it’s so much faster to identify items and put away.
Thanks for stopping by today!
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2 Cakewalk Cakes: Two Bundt Cake Pumpkin & Spider Web Cake

Hi Friends!
My kids have their Fall Carnival tonight and I just took over two cakes for the cakewalk. Remember those??? I used to look forward to my own elementary Fall Festival as a kid each year…How fun and we all can’t wait!
My two bundt cake pumpkin was inspired by this cake recipe from Stonewall Kitchen.
Pumpkin Shaped Vanilla Bundt Cake
The directions said two bundt cakes stacked with the flat sides together. However my bundt cake pan produced this shape. I have a feeling their picture was two oven safe bowl shapes stacked together. I might try that next time… Frosting a bundt cake without it looking kinda sloppy was like impossible! ha

I frosted my two bundt cakes (mine happen to be spice cake mixes) and then rolled out a little store bought Wilton pre made fondant.
I made a few leaves, and then used a pencil to shape the vines. Also my stem is stuck with toothpicks to hold it up into the cake.
Also I forgot to say I had to cut my cakes flatter at the bottom so there wasn’t a huge gap.
 Making the fondant leaves and vines was beyond fun! That’s the first time I tried it and I LOVED!
It was exactly like playing with Play-doh!
For the second cake I used a black decorating gel to make a giant spider web. 
Here are the steps for drawing a spider web.

 I placed a plastic spider from the craft store on top. Simple and cute!

I hope you are also enjoying this fun time of year! Have a beautiful weekend.

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Cutting Edge Stencil Review & Giveaway (I Stenciled My Desk)

(Giveaway Ended)
Hi Friends! 
Yesterday I stenciled my craft nook desktop. Take the tour here in case you haven’t yet.
Cutting Edge Stencils was so generous to send me a nice big stencil to try! I loved it. 
Their stencils are reusable, interlocking, and incredibly easy to clean. The paint just wipes off easily with water!
The first thing I did was watch their how to video.
Cutting Edge Stencils has a beautiful blog with lots of Stencil tips, videos, and customer ideas.

They also sent me a little level that slides on to the bottom of the stencil (shown below). I picked the Moroccan Dream All Over Stencil, and used more of the Crystal Blue satin paint from Valspar.

The first thing I did was tape my stencil to the desk with painters tape. I used their stencil roller and made sure to unload on the paper towel before rolling on the stencil.
It was pretty easy to do and was easy to find my place to paint the next row.
My stencil came with a few mini ones to fit in corners and sides.
I loved the result! 
Now I want to find something else to stencil 🙂
Now here’s YOUR opportunity to win a stencil!! Yay!! 
This is such a great giveaway! Trust me you will LOVE.
The winner will get to chose any stencil up to a $50 value!
Welcome to Cutting Edge Stencils
To Enter:
(U.S. Customers only)
***Please visit Cutting Edge Stencils and come back and tell me which stencil you would pick,
Extra entries:
***Like Cutting Edge Stencils on Facebook and comment here that you did/ or already do.
*** Follow Fancy Frugal Life on Twitter. (I’m trying to be more visible there!)
So you can have three separate entries to win!

Good luck!!
I will pick a winner on Sun October 21
Giveaway Ended!

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How to Make Homemade Egg Noodles for Soup (Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe)

Wow it went from 100 degrees here to pretty overcast and chilly this week, I’m kinda enjoying it! 
This always puts me in the mood to make soup. Normally when I make chicken or turkey noodle soup I will use these noodles found in the frozen section.

But I haven’t been able to find them since we moved. Two grocery store trips later it finally dawned on me to make my own. 
And guess what? It was so EASY and quick!!! And so much more economical.
I used this recipe roughly from Food.com. except I didn’t dry them and cooked them in boiling broth for my soup.
2 cups Flour
3 egg yolks
1 egg
2 teaspoons salt
1/4-1/2 cup water
1. Mix salt, and flour. Make a well in the mix and put eggs in it. Mix with your hands
3. Add in about 1 teaspoon at a time of the water until you can knead a dough.
3. After you separate dough in fourths, use a dough roller to the thickness you desire.

4. Use a pizza cutter to cut noodles 

Now you’ll have these beautiful noodles!!!
I decided to make turkey noodle soup…..YUM!
And these noodles tasted even better than the frozen store bought.
My fav ingredients to use in turkey noodle and chicken noodle soups are Knorr Homestyle stock concentrate and Herbs de Provence. There are many brands at the store, but typically it contains French herbs like thyme, savory, lavender, basil. rosemary, & sage.

Turkey/Chicken Noodle Soup:

by Lina Darnell

1 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped carrots
2 tablespoons Herbs de Provence
6 cups chicken broth (I use Knorr concentrate)
2 cups chicken or turkey
salt & pepper to taste
Egg Noodles
I added my raw noodles to boiling broth first and when those were done added the rest of ingredients and slow cooked for an hour. 
It’s a good thing I made this yesterday because today I have a cold and this tastes especially comforting! 🙂
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!
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Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal Stuffed Apples

If you are looking for a yummy treat to get you in the mood for fall and one that will make your house smell glorious this is it! Plus this is on the healthy side…so bonus!
Last week I saw this idea on a cooking show but didn’t catch the recipe however I  knew it went something like this.
I had a bag of Fuji apples and all the simple ingredients to make already.
 Here’s how I made my version:
Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal Stuffed Apples
 4 Apples
1/2 cup oats (I used quick oats)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon clove
1/2 cup Greek yogurt
drizzle of honey

 First cut out the apple cores, I used a melon baller. Leave a little of the bottom.
 Mix together the oats, sugar, oil, cinnamon, and clove.
 Stuff your apples and put a 1/4 cup of water in the pan.
Bake at 375 for 20 min. I covered my pan with foil for the first 10 min.
Top with Greek yogurt and honey,

 This taste tester gave it a big thumbs up!
We loved this as dessert but it would make a fabulous breakfast or snack 🙂

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Fancy Frugal Halloween Porch

Hi Friends! It finally cooled off here and FEELS like fall! Yes, finally! No more 90’s. The kids can play outside again and I had some fun decorating our entryway/porch. Since I just unpacked I’m not decorating inside for Halloween….
My first stop was the Target dollar bins and there was so much great stuff this year!
I picked up six of these Boo foam signs and punched holes in the top/bottoms.  
After I tied them all together with fun ribbon and tulle, I was able to hang it in this side window area.and they fit perfect!

Here’s my owl wreath I made a few weeks ago.
Did you see these cute mats in the dollar bins?

and banners?

Spiders from Michael’s on clearance…

as well as the skeleton clingy…

I’ve had this cute witch forever… 
just added some sticks and bats.

Oh I was a sucker for this big spider at Target…

My kids are so excited now for Halloween now!

Have you tried the fun Halloween editing tools on PicMonkey?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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