$1 Store No Sew Ruffle Stockings and My Hydrangea Holiday Wreath

How do you like my new $50 shabby chic boutique Christmas stockings? Ha ha just kidding…

These are from the dollar store…specifically Dollar Tree.
Our old stockings needed to be updated and they can be pretty expensive and I almost attempted to sew my own, but then spotted these white ones for a dollar.
And then I got even lazier and decided to see if hot gluing ruffles to the top of the stocking would work…and it did!
I had some left over linen looking thrift store material that worked out perfect! All I did was just start cutting out 2 inch wide pieces and gluing, making sure to create a “ruffle” as I went along. It doesn’t matter how long you make your cuts because you can just start gluing another piece.
 I love how they look on the mantel and they match the new Christmas tree skirt I bought this week.
(I had a blast one day this week spending time in Home Goods spending a little birthday money!) I’ll show you some other great finds later on 🙂 Wink.. 

I made this wreath about 3 years ago B.B. (Before Blogging)
It is made with a plain branch wreath from the craft store and then I added a bunch of hydrangea blooms.

Last year I added these pearl looking berries. 
This year I decided to hang it on one of the fabric covered canvases from my family room makeover. I love the contrast. The script fabric is from Ikea
 I love these angels. They are from my Grammy. And I always used the dollar store candles I embellished with mod podge and music paper for every holiday! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by to see what’s on my mantel! Do you like the stockings? Do they look like they are from the dollar store? 🙂
Stay tuned for the rest of my Christmas details coming soon…….. 


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Stacked Poinsettia Tree Shelf & Christmas Wreath Chandelier

Hi friends! I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. We sure did. It was quiet with just us four and I did all the cooking which was great, but lots of work 🙂 And then the next day we went into full on Christmas decorating mode and haven’t stopped! 
I think it’s a little more exciting to decorate when you’re in a different house. It’s our first Christmas in our new city and the kids are so excited for the holidays….
I did a little black Friday shopping at Lowe’s (at a reasonable hour) and came home with fresh garland, fresh wreaths, and ten .99 cent poinsettias. 
The first project we came up with and completed was this great Poinsettia shelf tree that my talented hubby built from scrap wood in the garage. We brainstormed on a way to display these festive plants and ended up with cutting a simple triangle from plywood and then screwed pieces of 2×4’s for shelves. (And by we I really mean he!) Last, I primed and painted it with my favorite color spray paint from Krylon called Catalina Mist.
I love how it turned out very much. It’s around 4 feet tall and perfect for those small one gallon size flowers.
The next project we did was this cute fresh wreath chandelier for our entryway.

I was inspired by this photo via marthastewart.com. Visit there for the nice tutorial.
For stairwell or entry
The toughest part of this project is making sure it looks somewhat level. And it was kind of a pain because even though you can make your ribbon cuts the same, tying it so it will hang straight is though. 
Also, your wreath not be the same width all the way around (like mine), so it could appear not to be level…Ugh I messed with it forever and then gave up :)..
But I still love how it came out!
 The garland was super heavy so my hubby installed plant hangers above the door to hang it.
A few holiday arrangements I put together….

It seriously smells so good right now! 
Those $5 Lowe’s wreaths look pretty great, right?

And there’s my fresh Christmas entryway…
Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m still working on the inside and can’t wait to show you along the way 🙂 
I had a fun Thanksgiving break with the kids. We took them to see the cute movie Wreck it Ralph and loved it! Also there was this fake ice skating rink that was kinda fun. It was like a slippery coated plastic. My kids had a blast.
Photo: Fake ice skating :) its like a coated plastic.
There was also lots of cuddling by the fire 🙂 
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We took our own Holiday Photos…And Survived!!

We did it! We took our own holiday photos! I am very proud of this DIY project because it wasn’t easy…at all! 
However it was a really funny experience, I learned more about my camera, and we ended up with some great photos and Christmas card design.
This whole thing started when I started contacting a few local photographers and the ones that weren’t booked through the holidays were super expensive. My hubby is the one who said “We have a good camera, why don’t we use it?”
First let me say we had a ton of bloopers….ha
This is a time where you have to take a million pics to get a few good ones! And you have to start bribing kids with candy…well I had to 🙂
My favorite family photo is the first one we took while testing out the new remote and tripod for the camera.
(I purchased both of those inexpensively through amazon.) 
The remote is both a blessing and a curse because the kids were fighting over who got to press it the entire time!
 My hubby recently bought me a new lens for my Nikon D5100 and I had fun testing it out. It is a VR Nikkor 55-200MM, and I LOVE it!

The first few shots we took in our front door, and then we went down the street where there is a fountain and nice landscaping.

 (Boots I bought at Kohl’s on sale with Kohl’s cash!) 🙂 

 And now I want you to see the establishment we were taking pics in front of…
Thanks Derrel’s Mini Storage for having pretty landscaping!
(Yes that’s the busy street where people were honking at us periodically)

Ok and now for the card…I used the new holiday features on the free photo editing website www.picmonkey.com 
I’m pretty much obsessed with this tool and find it so much easier than photoshop.
Today they added photo card collages! Sweet.
First I created a photo collage (See the option at the top to create a collage?), saved it, then edited the collage adding text.
I found this awesome chalkboard background for free via Topsy Turvy! Plus there’s some neat already made  cards that you can put your photo in!
For mine I saved the chalkboard background in a jpg and included it in my photo collage I made. Then saved and edited it with text.
Free Chalkboard Photo Christmas cards
Thanks so much for stopping by! Are you doing a photo card this year?

Update: Ashley from Topsy Turvy reminds us that just remember that pic monkey saves at 72 dpi, so while it’s great for digital cards, it will be terrible for printing. for printing you want at least 300 dpi”
Maybe mine will be a good digital card then 🙂

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Mini Family Room Makeover using Fabric & Color

Good Morning Friends! Today I’d love for you to stop by and spend some time in our family room.
We pretty much have had everything the same in our last four houses, so it was time for some updating!
I know…it’s not that huge of a change but trust me it looks so much better in person.
Here are the details….Keep in mind this dark orange wall was here and staying so we are working with what we have!! 🙂 

The number one item that was bugging me was the red and gold heavy curtains….They just weren’t us and were the ones already here. We stored them and will put them back when we leave….
The couch cushions were sagging majorly! We’ve had the couch for 7 years and I’d love a new one because it’s well loved (worn)…but who has money for that? Not us 🙂 
–Funny Personal Story: On our 3rd date my now husband took me to La-Z-Boy to help him pick out new couches for his house..I wouldn’t have let him pick that color if I knew those would be my couches for the next 7 years! He ha– but it could be worse…they could be bachelor black….
The throw pillows were so worn and old. It was their time to go.
Picture frames….Why are all mine brown or different colored metal?
And finally…We have 3 big brown and gold canvas oil paintings from a large art superstore that were way overpriced…6 years ago! Ha my hubby won’t let me get rid of them…but the colors aren’t really my style anymore 🙂 
The first thing I did was get some new white/orange chevron print throw pillows at TJ Maxx…$15/each
I love this fall leaf pillow I found at Home Goods for $5….
I spray painted my frames my fav Krylon color Catalina Mist..
And here is the couch re stuffed!!! This excites me because I went out of town last week to see my dad by myself (on a Lina-cation), and my hubby went to Joanne’s and bought 4 bags of stuffing and just added it to the zipped liner inside. It worked! 
That was a huge money saver…We had been getting quotes for an upholstery shop to do it.
Ok here are my favorite projects…
I used fabric and tacks to cover the big canvasses we have. I did this because it can be temporary if we get sick of it and I’m still not buying new wall art 🙂 But it looks completely transformed!
This is a pretty blue upholstery fabric from Joann’s.
This is a great fabric from Ikea I had in my stash.
Ok this one is my fav. It looks great against this dark orange wall.
This fabric was also in my stash from Ikea…I wish I had more since we no longer live in a city with Ikea! 
I found these extra long panels at TJ Maxx for $10/panel
My french label end table I painted is still hanging in there 🙂
And there we go! My family room. We spend a lot of time in here so I’m glad I gave it some attention!
What do you think? Do the colors and patterns make it look updated?
Also check out this beautiful fabric shower curtain I found in the clearance section for $5 at Target…I’m thinking more throw pillows?! 
Maybe Santa will bring me a new light blue/white area rug? Or maybe he will say “Lina the rug we have works fine”.:)
Thanks for stopping by!
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Before & After Party @ Thrifty Decor Chick

Finger Print Tree Plate (Kids Fall/ Thanksgiving Party)

Today my son had his 1st grade Fall/Thanksgiving class party. I am on the homeroom parent team and helped out today. These really are such special memories and I thought I’d share the projects we worked on.
We did a station of I’m thankful for…decorative mugs I told you about last week.

I received a ton of questions and just to clarify again…Even though you bake it (no mine did not crack or break in oven) yes the marker can still come off so hand wash only and think of it as a cute pen holder or centerpiece/napkin holder for Thanksgiving.

We also made some classic hand print turkey gift bags to put our mugs in with tissue paper

Here is the decorative plate we made for the teacher today. That is a sharpie tree and sharpie thumb prints from the kids. 
Isn’t it so cute??!
For snacks pilgrim popcorn mix was served..
and the kids assembled some turkey caramel apple snacks
Walmart has these great coloring table cloths the kids really enjoyed…

 I hope maybe you can use some of these cute kid ideas in your life! We have a talented room parent team and wonderful teacher and class this year.

Thank goodness we love our new school this year since we moved so suddenly…
It took my son some getting used to this Accelerated Reader program at school, but he has improved so much so far this year and even received the award for making the first quarter goal! Yay…proud mom 🙂 



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$1 Store Mugs & Sharpies (I’m thankful for…) Mugs

I’m helping plan my son’s 1st grade party next week and came up with a few craft ideas for all the kids to participate in.
I think this one is a winner! 
These mugs are from the Dollar Tree.
I wrote “I am thankful for….” along the top of the mug and let my kids tell me what to write. My son actually wrote his.
We made turkeys by coloring the tips of our fingers and then “stamping” them on the cup.
We also doodled pumpkins and pilgrim hats.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 min to set it. HANDWASH ONLY
And actually maybe we should think of it as a fun thoughtful pen holder or napkin holder/name tag at the turkey day table that you can reuse next year as well…
And those are our “I’m thankful for…” mugs….
I can’t wait to help my son’s class make these at our Bountiful bash next week!
Should I be upset my daughter said the ipad as #1? lol

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Thumbprint Turkey Napkin Rings & My Thanksgiving

 Good morning Friends! This weekend we unpacked some turkey day decorations and I set up my Thanksgiving table.
 Yesterday my little one and I made these cute, easy, and festive turkey napkin rings.
 All I did was cut out some heavy cardstock and used fall colored paint for our fingerprints. 
I used a strong double sided tape to make them stick on my yellow napkin rings I already use.

 Yay I love how these turned out. What a great turkey craft for your kids, right?!
Pine cones would work also….
Last year I inherited some fun turkey day decorations from my Grammy. 
These are the plates from our wedding registry along with the goblets. 
These are the nautical Tommy Bahama burlap placemats (1.99 clearance Homegoods) I used this summer, I just turned them over to use the back since it’s plain on the back.
The plaid runner is from Target clearance 3 years ago. 
It’s going to be just us 4 for Thanksgiving since we moved away 🙁 I will miss my family and friends…anyway..
I guess I’ll be doing all the cooking so I’ve been thinking about my menu.
I wanted to tell you that if you have not tried Trader Joe’s portabella mushroom soup in your green bean cassorole…do it! Here’s their recipe.
It’s so great. And it’s $1.99 and seasonal. So stock up because it also makes a great beef and noodles dinner. 
Also Happy Election Day! My tiny voter reminds you to “Rock the Vote!”
Thanks for stopping by! 




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