Jewelry Organizing & Spray Paint Makeovers

I completed my first project in my master bedroom makeover plan and that was to style our built in shelves and organize my jewelry. Today I’m sharing a few small makeovers that together make a big impact on this space.

Let’s start with some fun shelf liner adhesive I found at TJ Maxx. I lined the back of my shelves with it and it matches the already painted brown shelves pretty well!.

I found this silver plated lazy susan tray at Goodwill for $5 this week at Goodwill this week!

Thanks Krylon for sending me some spray paint in my new favorite color Coral Isle.

Look how pretty my tray looks now!


I shopped my house and found a few more things to spray paint! This is an old candlestick and jewelry box I have almost donated many times.

The palm tree candlestick makes a great necklace and bracelet holder!

candlestick makeover

And so does this coffee mug holder I painted white.

This old jewelry box received a makeover too with the Krylon spray paint and some brown stencil action.

Next up I found this plastic frame from my daughter’s Dora birthday that was a mirror but it broke and I kept the frame. (Are you seeing a theme of hoarding home accessories, So does my husband.)

After I spray painted it, I hot glued ribbon across the back to hang earrings.

(I have a small locally owned $1 store that has really cool jewelry. All of these earrings actually… Can you believe it?) The three tired turquoise beaded necklace pictured in photo 1 of post is from there also!)

While I was painting stuff I remembered some lightweight metal earrings from Pick your Plum I wanted to paint.


So my tips for organizing jewelry are to re purpose, re purpose, and re purpose. Also spray paint makes things pretty and uniform.

I think Krylon’s can is really easy to use, dries fast, and am a big fan of Coral Isle!

Thanks for visiting my tiny makeovers! I will show you the rest of my bookshelves soon. This is my first real post in WordPress and I’m still learning…It’s a process.

Have a beautiful day!

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I’m a .com now! I switched to WordPress

Hi Friends! I’m a .com now! I have switched from Blogger to WordPress and I’m still moving things over so let me know if you have any issues or can’t find a post. I also hope all the people who choose to get my posts through email still do!
So my new blog address is
Feel free to email me at
Thanks so much for reading and helping me grow my blog. I was shocked to find out 1,500 people get me in their inbox when I post. That is so great!

Music Paper L-O-V-E Letters (Valentine’s Day Mantel)

Here’s a fun, festive, inexpensive craft craft for Valentine’s Day decor. These easy L-O-V-E letters are looking pretty on my mantel and go great with my wreath I posted about last week.
I picked up these unfinished wood letters at JoAnn’s when they were $2 each and I had an extra 25% off coupon so they were pretty cheap.
I have some of this great wrapping paper left over from Christmas that looks like music paper.
After tracing and cutting out the paper I mod podged some on two of my letters.
I painted the other two red.
When my music paper letters were dry I sanded down the edges a little and painted the sides red.
The last step I did was glue the letters together with E6000. I knew I was just going to lean these up on my mantle so no one will be touching them. You might want to figure out a more permanent way to attach them say if you wanted to hang on a door or something.
So what do you think about the mantel?
Not bad for a few inexpensive projects, right?
I’m reusing my favorite cherubs from Christmas 🙂
I get excited for Valentine’s Day stuff! It’s so fun.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys have a beautiful day.

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My Master Bedroom Needs a Makeover! Here it is now…

This past weekend we made a HUGE investment…in sleep!
It was actually pretty exciting picking out a new mattress. My husband and I have never bought a nice mattress together. We’ve been sleeping on a crappy ten year old one that was his way before we met.
The last time I bought a mattress for myself was in college while waiting tables…. (I brought one and five dollar bills to the nearest mattress store and begged for the cheapest one! lol)
This time we took a few hours to decide and test out and learn about the different options. There are so many and it can get overwhelming from memory foam, traditional spring, plush firm, plush soft, pillow top ect.
We were torn between the Beauty Rest Black series and Sealy Posturepedic. 

 We ultimately went with the Sealy diamond series and upgraded to a king from a queen. It also happened to come with a new frame (not pictured) I’m excited about! 
You know you’re old when you’re beyond excited for a new plush mattress! Whoohoo 🙂
These two had fun testing out all the options and adding their opinions 🙂 
So here’s our room now.
We moved in 6 months ago and I never really decorated.
This is all my husband’s man furniture 🙂
We’ve never had a nice fully decorated room so I’m determined to makeover this room except we blew the whole budget on a new bed and mattress!
We need all new bedding because we are changing to a king size bed…I’m thinking all white duvet and bedding?
This honey wood furniture is pretty solid and well made so we are keeping it and painting it. (Except for the bed, we bought a new upholstered frame.)
I’m thinking white and maybe light beige on the drawers? What do you think?
The room is this turquoise color.
(It’s not my fav but we’re happily renting so it stays.)
That’s ok it makes it more of a challenge. right?

I do like the tall ceilings in this room, and the floors, and light.
We are thinking about taking out the top drawer of the tall dresser and putting the cable box and dvd player in there.
I do love this heavy gold mirror that was my grandparents.
That iron candle holder was a cool Goodwill score.
So here is my inspiration room I love.
Coral is going to be my new accent color since we are gonna rock the walls we have been given!! 

Hey look there’s even a gold mirror in here…perhaps I should leave my mirror gold? Hmm

                                                                             photo source                                                                          
I love love love this coral bed table…not sure the hubby will go for that but we’ll see.

So in this room there’s some awesome built in shelves I haven’t styled yet. There’s just random stuff now. But there’s so much potential.

Here’s the colors I want to use in here. And guess what? I have this cool brown and white contact paper  in this same wild pattern for the back of the bookshelves! Yay…you know how I love a pretty contact paper.
Imagine all my accessories in coral, white, and brown. 

Brown, White & Coral

Ok so that’s what I know. Any comments or suggestions on my newest challenge…a room coral/turquoise room with a little budget?


Ruffle Felt Heart Wreath (Valentine’s Decor)

Yesterday I completed a Valentine’s Day project! The house feels so empty with no Christmas decorations so I wanted to add a little something happy.
I picked up this cute wood heart from Joann’s for around $4 after coupons/discounts with the intention of further embellishing.
I had some extra pink felt and started cutting 2-3 inch circles. I didn’t even trace them..too lazy! 
I folded in quarters and hot glued on the outside heart.

I added a bow and pink ribbon for hanging.
I replaced my holiday wreath with this one and it also looks great hung on the fabric covered canvas!
What do you think? Adding that small pink detail makes a big difference, right?
I’ll show you the rest of the mantel when I’m done 🙂
Have a great week and thank you so much for reading and stopping by!


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I’ve been sick and making lots of soup! Here’s recipes for bothChickenFideo & Chicken Posole

Hi Friends! I’ve been absent lately and the reason why is because my family got this awful plague that’s going around! Man it’s bad and I actually seem to have the worst of it. I can’t seem to get 100% better. It seems this cough congestion thing is never ending. I’ve just been hanging low and eating a lot of soup.
The other day I made some homemade chicken fideo soup and posted a picture on my personal FB, many of my friends asked me for the recipe so I’ve decided to share with you too.
Photo: Homemade chicken fideo soup!..lots of Goya Sofrita, Sazon, and chiles..omg good for my cold.
My grandma and mom cook with Goya products so for me they are very comforting.
My grandparents are originally from Puerto Rico so these intense flavors are what I LOVE 🙂
Sofrito is an excellent base for soup and made of tomato puree, cilantro. onions, peppers, and garlic.
My grocery store carries Goya products, but you may also find this homemade Sofrito recipe interesting.
Goya Sazon Con Azafran Flavor Packet, 1.41 oz (Pack of 36)
Sazon is a great way to season chicken when roasting it..We actually use it on our turkey too for that great orange look. Sazon is very high in sodium though so use a little and I hear there’s a low sodium version online. In this soup I used just half a small envelope.
I used this chicken flavored tomato bullion for broth in both these soups and like it.
Chicken Fideo Soup Recipe:

3 Tbsp Goya Sofrito
1 tbsp olive oil
1 medium chopped onion
1 jalapeno sliced (omit if you dislike spicy)
2 carrots chopped
2 celery pieces chopped
3 red potatoes chopped
1 package fideo noodles (or angel hair pasta works)
1/2 of a cooked rotisserie chicken shredded
1/2 small envelope of Goya Salzon
5 cups calde de tomate bouillon broth
1 bay leaf
1. Sautee Onion, jalepeno, carrots and celery, in the olive oil & Sofrito for a good 5 min.
2. Add broth, chicken, Salzon, bay leaf, potatoes. Cook on low for at least 40 min. until potatoes and veggies are tender.
3. Turn up heat and cook your noodles before you’d like to eat in the soup.
A couple days later from the other half of the chicken I made a great posole.
It’s also easy and so good!
By the way I googled how to spell Posole vs Pozole and it says you can spell it both ways? I usually get my spelling info from Google 🙂

Chicken Posole (Pizole) Recipe:

3 Tbsp Goya Sofrito
1 med onion chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
1 bell pepper chopped
1 jalapeno chopped (omit if you dislike spicy)
1/3 of a cabbage chopped
15 oz can hominy
3 cups bullion calde de tomate broth
handful of chopped cilantro
1/2 cooked rotisserie chicken shredded
one 12 oz can of red enchilada sauce
1. Sautee onions, bell pepper, and jalapeno in olive oil & Sofrito for about 5 min.
2. Add cilantro, broth, chicken, hominy, cabbage, and enchilada sauce and slow cook for about 45-60 min.

 The hominy and red enchilada sauce in here makes it taste so unique!
My husband especially loved this one, and he’s not one to be impressed by soup as a meal 🙂
I like that both these soups are pretty low in fat and have tons of taste and flavor.
Here’s to eating lots of great soup feeling better!

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DIY Canvas Photos with Mod Podge

My dad is my hardest person to gift but actually he’s the easiest if I think about personal meaningful gifts. His favorites are photo canvases,photo books, and calendars. Those are my usual go to gifts because he proudly them in his home and office.
This year I made my own 8×10 photo canvases from our DIY photo shoot we did a couple months ago.
Let me just say this was so so easy and I can’t wait to try a bigger size now, Maybe I’ll do a gallery wall.
All you’ll need is:
Mod Podge & brush or sponge
Blank Canvas (I randomly got mine really cheap at Joanne’s because the nice cashier told me I could price match Michael’s from their online ad on my phone)
Paint for the sides ( I used some black acrylic)
A photo the same size as your canvas
 All you do is paint a layer of Mod Podge on the canvas and lay down your photo and smooth out bubbles, then do a layer on top. I did two layers on top letting them dry in between.
I usually sand the corners smooth with sandpaper when dry.
The last step is to paint the sides your choice of color. I decided to use black and used some brush marks on the front to add interest.
I loved how they turned out so much! How simple and it’s definitely more economical ;then ordering online.
Seriously if you haven’t tried these do it!!
My dad was very impressed and loved them too!!
He was in LA for Christmas and us in Fresno…what’s in the middle? Bakersfield for lunch! :)Fun to see him and exchange gifts…
Thanks for visiting me and have a great weekend.
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DIY Roller Skate Fondant Cupcake Toppers

My son had a birthday a few days ago right after Christmas and we decided last minute to have a small party at a local roller skate rink to celebrate. He received some skates for Christmas so he was extra excited.

I had some left over store bought fondant from Michael’s and decided to make some special roller skate toppers. If you haven’t tried it yet fondant is exactly like playing with playdoh! So fun.
 All I did was cut some small pieces and shaped them like a boot. Then I used some Wilton icing for laces. The skates are M&Ms 🙂

That’s it! Really easy and so darn cute!! Do you like?
I’ll post some more details on this party soon! 
I hadn’t been in a roller skating rink since about 1989! I used to beg to have my school parties there every year… It really brought back memories and was such a fun way to spend the afternoon. I’m sure we’ll be back soon!

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Happy New Year!! My top 5 most visited posts of 2012

Well Happy New Year friends! I decided to look up my most visited posts from 2012 and a couple surprised me. 
Like my 4th of July trifle! A picture that I took with my cell phone and a couple magazines have asked to use the photo and can’t…Ha oops..I’ve learned my lesson and use the good camera now.
This one wasn’t a shock and I still have fond memories of my craft closet in our old house. 
So you gals like doing nails I guess?! My nail art posts are actually pretty popular, including the converse ones.
And my crayon back to school wreath was a pretty big hit this year! My sister in law said the first day of teacher meetings the principle made everyone come look at it in her class 🙂 She was proud.
And my current craft space was one of my favorite posts this year.
Looking back I actually accomplished lots of projects this year… it has my mind thinking about what’s next!!
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas,
Here’s a few images from our Christmas morning. 
We had a blast. The kids were beyond excited that Santa left a note!

A few days before Christmas, Our Elf brought us a gingerbread train 🙂
The only after Christmas shopping I did was some Target Christmas ornaments on clearance. These will match perfect with my tree next year! 🙂 Exciting…

In other exciting news, I received another new lens for my camera from my sweet hubs for Christmas. Its the 50mm 1.8f Nikon lens so I can now try these cool brokeh photography pics like this one!! Yay…

It’s been a crazy last couple weeks!
In fact I’m sorta exhausted from everything and ended up getting pretty sick so now I’m trying to rest up and get ready for 2013!!
Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog with lots of encouraging words! Here’s to a new year with more fancy frugal ideas. I wish you and your family all the best in 2013!!

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