Blue and White Striped Painted Walls (Stylish Nautical Inspired Boys Room)

Stylish Boys Nautical Room Fancy Frugal Life

Today I’m sharing my son’s stylish nautical inspired room! He has pretty much had this theme for years, but we just refreshed it with some striking blue and white painted striped walls in our new home. His room also received some new wood flooring and thick white baseboards, as well as white trim around all the windows. (My talented husband does all the carpentry work in our house.)  Our upstairs flooring project is finally complete and I’ll be sharing more pictures as I finish putting our spaces back together!
before and after boys room makeover
Before, his room had four plain beige walls, and old pet stained carpet. We painted two walls and left two walls beige. We also added some new red curtains for beautiful contrast. We all love this space including him! He is super proud and excited for his new room!

The two colors we used for these walls are called Polar Blue White and Wipe Out Blue, both by Behr. We sectioned off the middle with tape and a laser level tool and painted it white. Then when that was dry, we taped off more stripes using the laser level tool and painted them blue. (My tip is to make sure you clean your walls before you even start taping because we’ve found that helps to avoid bleeding on textured walls.)
Painting stripes on the wall using a level laser

Blue & white nautical striped boys room
blue white and red nautical kids room fancy frugal life

blue and white walls boys room fancy frugal life
surfer decorated room fancy frugal life

fancy frugal life surfer nautical roomThanks for stopping by! I’m just now finishing my daughter’s room and it’s turning out cute as well! Stay tuned for that before and after! Have a wonderful week.