A+ Classroom Organization (Tour of Mrs. G’s Class)

Remember the other day when I visited my aunt at her school Gilbert and we gave her a crayon monogram wreath?
My kids sure had fun playing around in her classroom.
While I was there we met an lovely teacher name Mrs. Guarneri.
She gave us a tour of her Kindergarten classroom and I was amazed and thankful I had my camera!
She is definitely the most ORGANIZED teacher I have ever seen. (And super sweet and friendly too!) Here are some highlights. 
The first thing I noticed was this beautiful board with their mascot. Under that is a row of colored bins. Mrs G said she keeps all the lesson plans for each day in a different bin (including the books they will be reading). She likes this method in case she has a sub or has to leave. They will always know what she is doing….Smart right?
I’m always so curious to know how teachers keep these things straight

OK are you ready for these bins? They have a picture of what goes inside each of them on the bin AND on the shelf so the kids know what goes where!! Genius…I need to do this for my kids toys!! And notice the color coded dots on the shelf!

The next thing I noticed were these super cute crate benches…How awesome would these be in a playroom?!
She said the crates were from Target. She took wood scraps and stapled fabric & padding to the back. Plus she stapled looped ribbon to take them on and off easier. What a great no sew project… I love how they turned out!!
Mrs. G’s mom made her this sweet rocking chair pad with matching fabric.

Her talented mom also made an oil cloth chair cover for every chair in the class. Each has a pocket for their papers. My kids need these ASAP for their little table 🙂 The fabric is from Joann’s.

I also noticed this crinkled paper border. I love the ruffle look!

I love how she made this fun file organizer and used upside down buckets as chairs at this table.
The last picture is how she displays birthdays. She puts the names and dates of each birthday child on the bags and little dollar store treats in the bag. The kids get really excited about it! 🙂 They are lined up above one of the whiteboards.
The last image I wanted to share was the Dr. Seuss reading garden at Gilbert Elementary. I love anything Lorax and Dr. Seuss 🙂

Thanks Mrs. G for showing us around!! You definitely get an A+ in organization & classroom ideas!!
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12 thoughts on “A+ Classroom Organization (Tour of Mrs. G’s Class)

  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing: I teach Kindergarten too so I can appreciate all of her hard work! See my classroom on my blog!

    @ Everyday with the Jays

  2. Wow! That's all I can say. Fantastic! I love the storage crates that double as stools. I definitely want to make some for my playroom. I would love it if you shared this and any other idea you would like to link up to "One Creative Weekend" at OneCreativeMommy.com.

  3. Hi! I love the pictures and ideas you posted of your aunt’s classroom! I would love to know where she got the storage unit that she uses in her classroom to store dominoes, buttons, pattern blocks, etc. I think you’ve got it labeled “Toy Bin Organizing.”
    Devin Moore

  4. Could I get the pattern, pdf, measurements (whatever you have) to create the chair covers? My kinder chairs are so small that nothing I can find to purchase will fit properly. Thank you!

    • I’m sorry that was just meant to be inspiration. That specific teacher’s mom made those covers and she had no further info. Thanks

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