Celebrating Family & Freedom

Hi Friends,
Did we all have a great Memorial Day weekend? I hope you were all able to celebrate with friends & family.
My dad was in town and we were able to soak up some sun and swim as well as a baseball game.
Instead of making a trifle like I did for last Fourth of July I decided to put it all on a stick.
 Here is the dessert I threw together for after dinner tonight.
I didn’t have a smaller star cookie cutter so I made a cardboard star and used a paring knife to cut the stars out of the pound cake. Cut pound cake lengthwise three times and you’ll get more stars. I added fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and whip cream. 
I had a beautiful day with my family and am grateful for every minute. 

Thanks for stopping in and sharing your time with me!


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8 thoughts on “Celebrating Family & Freedom

  1. So eye-catching and they look delicious! Great job and hope you have a lovely week! Angie xo

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