Chalkboard Clipboard (Teacher Gift)

Here’s how we presented a group gift card to my son’s wonderful teacher today. Some of us pitched in for a gift card and I embellished a wood clipboard that she can use in the future.
 All I did was paint two coats of black chalkboard paint, spray painted the hardware, and added a flower on the front. I also wrote the year and all the kids names on the back with a paint pen (but forgot to take a pic.)
She loved it!!! We had a fabulous year in Kindergarten. Today was their end of the year celebration. The class sang a few songs including, “What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong style…
I was proud I didn’t cry like a baby…YET..This is all moving way too fast! 1st grade here we come..:)
 Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week! 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Chalkboard Clipboard (Teacher Gift)

  1. This is a wonderful gift! I decorated a clipboard for my co-operating teacher at the end of student teaching last month and she loved it. I never thought about spray painting the hardware though!

    Also, I think it's great that a group chipped in to purchase a nice gift card in a useful increment. That is such an appropriate and practical gift.

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