Christmas Pillow Case Dress & Leggings

Since my Halloween polka dotted pillowcase dress was such a hit, I decided to make one for Christmas. And guess what? I sewed it all by myself! I know..crazy, right! Yay… Sewing is kinda difficult for me so I’m proud!

My fabric is from Hobby Lobby and I used a 1/2 yard of the polka dots & 1/4 yard of stripes.

I had this pattern and used it only for the initial large cut for the curved arm holes.

For the main larger cuts..fold your fabric “box” in half and then cut the arms so they are even. Do that part twice.

Bias tape is too advanced for me, so I did this the cheater way. Fold 1/4 inch and iron.

Then sew.

Fold the top part of the dress down about an inch, iron, and sew. This is where the ribbon will go.

The bottom trim is 1/4 yard folded in half lengthwise, iron, and then sewn to both of the top pieces.

Once you have two of these done, sew them together inside out.

Flip them over and you get this!

I sewed some ribbon around the bottom of mine.

I turned some $5 Target woman’s knew socks to leggings. Read my post here on how I do that.

Thread your ribbon and there ya go!! ( I use a pencil).

My little one wore it today and I was able to take a few pics by our tree…She is very excited for Christmas and I think she’ll be wearing it for her preschool Christmas program next week. She is the cutest little thing and sings 5 times louder than the rest of the bunch…It’s so hard not to giggle 🙂

Reminds me of this…

Download it free here!


Happy Holidays!


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17 thoughts on “Christmas Pillow Case Dress & Leggings

  1. The leg warmers are adorable! I've just started planing my little miss' Christmas outfit. This is great inspiration!

    Michaela @

  2. This is about to be my real sewing experiment! (I'm teaching myself to sew 😉 Anyway, can you comment on size (mine will be for a 2 year old on the smallish side). Also, how much ribbon should i purchase if I want to do the ribbon not only on the top but on the bottom as well. THanks!!

  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I am going to be featuring this tomorrow from the Show & Share party! Thanks for linking up a great project!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I f*cking SUCK at sewing, but been wanting to make dresses for my girls. Finally stumbled across this (thanks Pinterest) and omfg I can do this! No bias tape needed, I’m a happy woman!

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