DIY Crystal Embellished Converse

Today I thought of a project I did last summer and said, “I wish I was blogging back then.” Do you feel that way too sometimes?

My daughter wore these shoes a bunch last summer and I am surprised they have held up this long!
I took a picture today and will tell you how I embellished them.
Have you seen these cute crystal embellished shoes in boutiques and on etsy?
These are from an adorable Etsy store called Diamonte.
They are listed for $99.00
I love these but could never spend that much on a pair of shoes, because sadly they grow so fast. In fact my daughter doesn’t fit into the ones I embellished anymore 🙁 Boooo
I spent about $20 total on mine including shoes.
To make these the Fancy Frugal way you will need the following:
  • E600 Glue
  • Pair of converse ( I got mine for $4.00 at a local consignment sale, Target has great clearance ones sometimes)
  • Crystals (I used the Jolee’s brand from Michael’s–use coupons)
  • Tweezers
  • Ribbon for laces

The main tip I have is USE LOTS OF GLUE!

Its better to have too much and peel away after they dry than not enough. As you can see my daughter only lost a few after a summer of use. Magic eraser is your best friend for keeping the bottoms white.

You can create a design or not. Really it’ll look great once all of the white lip of the shoe is covered.

I used the left over ribbon to make matching hair bows!

Speaking of my daughter……

I entered her in my local Kid to Kid resale store “Best Dressed Contest” to win a $100 gift card! It is a SUPER close race and she needs your help!!! Contest ends March 31

I loooove designer kid clothes but can’t and won’t spend a ton on them. I keep my kids stylin by shopping at resale shops like Kid to Kid, seasonal consignment sales, and of course Goodwill! This is great tip for all you fancy frugal mommies out there!!

Pretty pretty pleeeeeeeeease stop by the Kid to Kid of Ahwatukee facebook page and vote for my pumpkin? Just click “like” on THIS photo on their wall to vote. You have to “Like” Kid to Kid first. I would be so grateful! And I don’t ask for stuff like this often…or ever! In fact I am never entering one of these again…STRESS! Ha ha. It is a close race so now Hubby and I are obsessed! Plus we could use some summer duds around here!

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14 thoughts on “DIY Crystal Embellished Converse

  1. These are adorable! I can't wait to make some for my little girl! And thanks for the magic eraser tip. That's brilliant! I saw you at craftomanica btw. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG! I love it! I have been eyeballing those shoes at the store that are like $45-$65 and thinking they were a bad idea becuase she is going to grow out of them so fast but this is just brilliant!

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