DIY Dollar Store Chalkboard Candles (Thrifty Upcycle)

Would you believe me if I told you these l-o-v-e candles and vase are from my local dollar store?! Well they are and guess what? We used these on one of the tables of my little brother’s fall outdoor wedding.

If you’ve been reading along you might be realizing my latest addiction….It automatically makes things look expensive…like MAGIC! Oh and not to mention A-dorable, chic. unique, and just awesome in general!!!

Chalkboard spray paint…It turns anything into a chalkboard! Sweet. I found mine at Michael’s craft store for around $5 with a coupon (of course!) from

Let me show you how I made these cute candles. First, I picked these tall glass candles up from the dollar store and soaked them in hot soapy water until the labels were easy to peel off.

After they were clean and dry, I used masking tape to create a rectangle on the candle. Nope, I didn’t measure….you can though 🙂

Next, just spray two coats of chalkboard paint and let dry 24 hours. That’s it!

After peeling off the tape you get amazing results!

And people will think you are uber crafty…(even if you aren’t!). It’s our little secret… 🙂

This same can has gone pretty far…all of these past projects were completed with it!

See….this small investment can go pretty far…and the possibilities are ENDLESS!
Hope you can find a way to use some of these fun chalkboard spray paint ideas!


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13 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Store Chalkboard Candles (Thrifty Upcycle)

  1. Too cute I'm pinning them to pinterest! :0 By the way I LOVE chalkboards too! I spray painted the side of my old ugly metal file cabinet in the office with Chalkboard paint…now it's my favorite piece!!

  2. Gotta love chalkboard paint! Looks great! Now you got me thinking what I have laying around the house that I can turn into a chalkboard. Have a grand day! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  3. I had to click over from WOW because my son is having a vintage wedding next year and these caught my eye! Great idea, I'm going to book mark!


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