Fall Means Allergies for our Family

Kleenex for Fall Allergies“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Kleenex but all my opinions are my own. #KleenexAllergy #pmediahttp://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

Fall means pumpkins, chilly weather, hot apple cider, soccer, leaves changing, oh and allergies. Yuck! All of us are officially on prescription allergy nasal sprays since moving to central California, where we have some of the worst air for allergies and asthma in the country. My daughter has it the worst though. She wasn’t breathing through her nose at all and snoring up a storm at night, poor thing.

The only thing worse than having allergies is a kid who has bad seasonal allergies coupled with an odd aversion to blowing her noise! Yep. She just won’t do it. And if she does it’s so weak nothing comes out. Ahhh, Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Last month we were in a fancy restaurant with my dad trying to have a nice dinner and she sneezed and clearly needed a tissue. Instead this chica ran away from me whaling. “Don’t touch me!” as if I was really hurting her, with snot all over her face, and the whole place turned around watching… Fun times! lol

This is the face you get if you come near her with a tissue.

mean face

It’s pretty frustrating because not only is it a big crying tantrum when she clearly needs to blow, but if she doesn’t then it turns into a sinus infection. So mean mom has to use netty pots, saline spray, and even resorting to the aspirator at times! (Yes the blue baby booger sucker outer.) It’s an ongoing problem we struggle with, but using Kleenex, the softest tissue that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, definitely helps.


I keep these handy Kleenex travel packs in my purse for when we are on the go,

Kleenex to go

We have Kleenex in almost every room of our house!

Kleenex all through home

 Fight Fall allergies this season with Kleenex Tissue from Target.

Target Kleenex Coupon 2013

While supplies last, print out this coupon to Buy Kleenex 4pack, get free wallet pack (2-pk) or pocket pack (3-pk): http://goo.gl/186og3 at Target!

Hooray for free Kleenex!

One thought on “Fall Means Allergies for our Family

  1. Lina, LOL at your daughter’s aversion to wiping her nose! Have you tried ‘Boogie Wipes’. Can’t remember who makes them, but they are wet wipes that come in a purse-sized pack, and are infused with moisturizers and menthol I think. Got a free sample a year ago and they were more soothing than even Kleenex with lotion, and clean up yucky noses great!

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