Felt Ruffle Heart Wreath

I love ruffles and I love red so when I saw this wreath it was love at first sight!!

The inspiration I saw is from the The Idea Room. She has a great tutorial.

Here’s how mine turned out.

I put it on the window above my kitchen sink because lets face it..I am standing there alot! And if I open the blinds I have a view of a nice block wall. This is much better!!!

Basically I just used an ikea kids cup and traced a bunch of circles on 1/2 yard of red felt.

Then you fold the circles in half and then quarters. Pin the pointy bottom to the foam.

I went to 3 places to find a heart foam wreath and no one had it. Good thing Hobby Lobby, JoAnne’s, and Michael’s are located in the same shopping center in my neighborhood! Yep.

So I just bought a piece of foam from the floral department and cut out my own heart.

It was time consuming and took two naptimes, but I love the result!!

My baby girl loved it too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



2 thoughts on “Felt Ruffle Heart Wreath

  1. I think you're super creative and I've chosen to feature you in my Inspire before you Expire campaign tomorrow. Also, I wanted to make the offer of turning one of your creations into a giveaway just let me know if your interested. feel free to grab a "i was featured" button too. thank you for being an inspiration and I hope to see you tomorrow!
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  2. what a great pic! your sweetie pie is sure a cutie pie. I never had a little girl, just a wonderful little boy. They sure are cute at this age. I love the wreath. I just found your blog through Savvy Southern Style – I love your Goodwill finds. I am planning on doing a lot of garage sale hopping and GW as soon as the weather gets warmer. Fun stuff.

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