Finger Print Tree Plate (Kids Fall/ Thanksgiving Party)

Today my son had his 1st grade Fall/Thanksgiving class party. I am on the homeroom parent team and helped out today. These really are such special memories and I thought I’d share the projects we worked on.
We did a station of I’m thankful for…decorative mugs I told you about last week.

I received a ton of questions and just to clarify again…Even though you bake it (no mine did not crack or break in oven) yes the marker can still come off so hand wash only and think of it as a cute pen holder or centerpiece/napkin holder for Thanksgiving.

We also made some classic hand print turkey gift bags to put our mugs in with tissue paper

Here is the decorative plate we made for the teacher today. That is a sharpie tree and sharpie thumb prints from the kids. 
Isn’t it so cute??!
For snacks pilgrim popcorn mix was served..
and the kids assembled some turkey caramel apple snacks
Walmart has these great coloring table cloths the kids really enjoyed…

 I hope maybe you can use some of these cute kid ideas in your life! We have a talented room parent team and wonderful teacher and class this year.

Thank goodness we love our new school this year since we moved so suddenly…
It took my son some getting used to this Accelerated Reader program at school, but he has improved so much so far this year and even received the award for making the first quarter goal! Yay…proud mom 🙂 



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  1. How did you get the sharpie off their thumbs when you were done? Also, how did they do multiple colored thumbprints on their mugs? Did you just but one color on top of the next? Thanks!

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