Fourth of July Fabric Scrap Flip Flops & Rosette Flowers

Are you all set for the 4th?…Next week we will be at the beach for the holiday so I’ve been packing and getting ready. Yay!! Can’t wait to get out of this crazy hot summer weather in Phoenix that one really ever gets “used to”!

I made some of these embellished flip flops for my daughter and I to wear. I saw a pair at a local kids boutique and thought they looked easy to make…and they were!!
It’s just fabric strips and ribbon cut and tied with a double knot…That’s it. No measuring. Simple and so cute!

We are twinsies in our flip flops and watermelon toes!!
  I had some left over patriotic fabric so I played around in the craft closet last night and came up with these to wear as pins or hair clips.
 I was so excited that the patriotic ruffle shorts from Groopdealz came in the mail this week, Aren’t they over the top cute?! I think they were around $7….

 I hope you all have a fabulous week. I won’t post again until will get back from San Diego! (except I will pick a winner for the Catching Fireflies giveaway) …..Happy Fourth of July!!! xoxo

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