Frozen Banana Instant “Ice Cream”

just frozen bananas dessert

 Exciting news about frozen bananas! If you put them in your food processor with a little vanilla, it makes a creamy dessert like ice cream! I’m not kidding! Plus it tastes so great! I was inspired by this guilt free ice cream idea awhile ago and finally just tried it, and was so glad I did.

The first step is cut up about four ripe bananas and freeze them. Put them in your food processor or high powered blender like a Ninja, or Vita-Mix. Add a little vanilla, and blend for several minutes. The longer you blend the better it gets! You may have to stop and scoop it down a couple times.


frozen banana dessert

Eventually you get this! Some of my friends have recommended adding a little

Nutella or peanut butter for different flavors.

frozen bananas to ice cream

It’s definitely kid approved. I think this would make a great after school snack as well! Are you back to school yet?

kid approved

We have just a couple weeks and I’m not sure who is more excited! They love school and miss their friends 🙂

back to school

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