Goodwill Mantle

When we recently moved into this house with a mantle I thought it was kinda hard to decide what to put on it! I think it’s just so much pressure. I would change it around every day thinking something it isn’t right.
Well I think I finally got it right!

I picked up this mirror (already painted) for $9.00 at Goodwill. It’s a really heavy beveled mirror! Have you noticed how much new mirrors are lately?! Geesh.
The plate I had and the flower I had. Then this cute pine cone was $3.00 at Goodwill. It was brown so I sprayed it cream and rubbed off around the edges a little. It looks so Pottery Barn, right?!

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3 thoughts on “Goodwill Mantle

  1. Very cute! Those are gorgeous pieces! I never seem to be able to find such pretty stuff at my Goodwill. I guess it's a matter of continuing to look until you do find it 🙂 Thanks for joining the Spring Mantel Party!


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