Handprint Owl Canvas & Photo Canvas (Our Homemade Father’s Day Gifts)

handprint owl canvas father's day

Hi Everyone! This is a quick post to share our cute little handmade gifts this year for Father’s Day! I love working on thoughtful inexpensive things don’t you? Dads and grandpas love this stuff…plus these are easy enough for last minute gifts.

For this owl handpint craft all you’ll need is a blank 8×10 canvas from the craft store, acrylic or craft paint, paint brush, a paint pen for the lettering, and some small handed participants 🙂

(Important note: I was inspired by these handprints on paper via pinterest)

Make brown handprints on a painted canvas as shown and then paint the branches, leaves, and details of your owls. Write you message to dad with a paint pen and your all set!

how to make a handprint canvas

This year I decided to make some photo canvases with Mod Podge for the grandpas. My kids are blessed with three wonderful supportive grandpas that they love very much!

fathers day photo canvas

I made some of these for as Christmas gifts so in case you missed this post with directions catch up here.

Photographing my kids is one of my favorite hobbies! This is a great way to display those memories…

DIY Photo Canvas for Father's Day

Wishing all the dads out there a beautiful Father’s Day!



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  1. these canvases are looking really very beautiful, whatever the purpose for making them but you did great work, i love this ideas. Keep it up..

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