How to fold a doily into an envelope (Easy dolllar store Valentine’s Day craft)

How to fold a doily into an envelope fancy frugal life

Hi there! I hope you are haveing a fabulous day full of love and joy! Yesterday I prepped for my daughter’s kindergarten party and folded 30 of these heart doilies into envelopes. They made love letters to their parents today as a party craft. Our teacher does these every year and I thought it was so cute and clever. I’m sure their little letters will be a darling keepsake 🙂

To make these all you have to do is turn the heart upside down, fold the two sides in, and the bottom up. Glue the sides, and fold the top down as an envelope. So easy, right?
Valentine Doiley Envelopes Fancy Frugal LIfeWe used these cute stickers that look like stamps from Michael’s craft store.

I also wanted to show you the arrangement I made for our teacher as a gift from the parents. I love that you can always make a gorgeous bouquet for under $20 with Trader Joes flowers!

Trader Joe's Roses bouquet
Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you received lots of sweet Valentine’s Day mail!

I hope you received some sweet Valentine's mail ?????????? #kindergarten

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