I Can’t Stop Painting Things White

So I may have a problem. I can’t stop spray painting things! I am ADDICTED! It’s like magic and makes everything shiny and new!!

Here are a few thrift store items I picked up yesterday at Goodwill and already brought them back to life! Yep I am in love with the Goodwill we just moved next to. Ha ha

Here is what I found.
A cool decorative gold box, 3 candle holders and a vintage serving bowl with neat handle. I am new to thrift-ing so I don’t know the correct terms for things yet! Ha.

And then with the magic of spray paint, they are transformed!!

I am revamping my current hutch with all white items so these will work out fabulous…and only $10.00 for all these plus spray paint!

Stay tuned for my Tiffany & Co inspired revamp on my hutch! I am super excited about that project!


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15 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Painting Things White

  1. oh man, WHY can't i see things like that? i mean, see it, as in see something different. i love them painted white-great idea!

  2. I am addicted to white also, I paint everything white! You are right it makes everything look shiny and new! Good eye with that box, it looks great!


  3. Those do look great. Did you paint them with primer or anything to make the paint stick? Isn't thrifting amazing?? I am becoming a veteran at it and now my daughters are getting into it. It is really neat how many great finds are at GW or other similar stores!


  4. Thanks Ladies!! @Donna- No I didn't use primer and I should have. I can see tiny spots where it ran a little because I did a few coats of paint. I am learning 🙂 I also learned to come with your own newspaper because a few of my items broke in the car. Darn 🙁 But I still LOVE thrifting!!

  5. Love the finds! I'm also an addict! My FIL jokes all the time about standing still too long in my house….if you do, you'll end up painted! ha

  6. i think I have those silver candlesticks as well! I love them painted–all the items are so very cute! Great job.
    I'm having TWO giveaways right now–love it if you could check them out! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  7. I'm just the same! I go in looking at things as they would look painted, not how they ARE! My daughter keeps griping at me that 'nothing's good enough', I ALWAYS have to paint everything…well, I'm a painter anyway, so painting objects just fits right in!!

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