I got a job blogging! It’s real. I’m excited.

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After almost 5 years of leaving the workforce I’m slowly returning part time. Only this time someone is paying for my creativity! Isn’t that cool?? I’m super excited to tell you about it because I never thought starting a blog would lead me to these types of opportunities and it’s happening!

My professional background is actually in advertising I sold print and digital products to small businesses in the Phoenix area and eventually left that to stay at home with my small kids and have been moving around for my husband’s job opportunities.

For me blogging and completing creative type projects has filled that professional social void for me that I miss about working outside the home. It can be isolating staying at home caring for kids all day. Social media has helped me stay connected to friends, family, and I’ve made so many more along the way…

Starting Fancy Frugal Life is something that I’ve done by myself for me. I’ve taught myself Blogger, WordPress plugins, RSS feeds, Google Analytics parent vs. child themes, designed headers, blog buttons, photography, all of that stuff by trial and error and “googling” everything. I swear I ask Google 50 questions a day! ha So my point is if I can do it, trust me so can you! And it turns out all this “stuff” I’ve learned in only 2 years is marketable!

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I am happy to announce I am managing and contributing to Central Valley Moms. This is a website owned by the Fresno Bee, my local newspaper. I will be the voice of Central Valley Moms and it’s social media. This is part time work but most importantly it is work from home! Yippee!

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Plus I may get to contribute to their print lifestyle magazine Central Valley as a freelance writer and photography.


Central Valley Magazine - January 2013


This whole thing started when I sent an email with a link to my blog to the editors introducing myself and asked if they had any contributing opportunities? They emailed back an hour later and asked for a meeting with me about managing their moms site! I didn’t even have a resume written!


So I prepared myself by updating my resume and made a basic media kit for Fancy Frugal Life and the meeting went well! I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect but everyone is so nice there!


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Feel free to follow me along there via Facebook if you’d like. Also if you happen to be a blogger in the Central Valley area of CA let me know! I’d love to create a local bloggers community on Central Valley Moms.

Thanks for reading and always being supportive along the way! Getting paid for doing something I love has ALWAYS been my dream, and this is a great step in the right direction! Don’t worry I’ll be blogging here too still 🙂

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12 thoughts on “I got a job blogging! It’s real. I’m excited.

  1. How awesome! I wish there was something like that here inPhoenix.
    I moved here to be the stay at home grandma so my single parent daughter could continue teaching ( and still be able to afford to eat)
    Anyway I really relate to the isolation
    So happy for you

  2. Hi Lina! Congratulations! That is so awesome! Isn’t it wonderful how God directs our steps? He gave you favor with these people to fulfill His plan for your life! Blessings to you and your family from Bama!

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