I have a job full time…Blogging! WIth an actually salary!!

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Hi friends,

Where has Lina been? Well I’ve been MIA a little bit for a good reason. I’ve accepted a full time job offer blogging and I wasn’t even looking for a full time gig! They approached me! So…. I get to do what I love and receive a really great salary all from home!!! Wait what??! I know!

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I am now doing all the creative DIY and recipe posts for a fabulous couponing and frugal living website http://hip2save.com/. I hope you follow me along here in the future. We are sharing some awesome crafts and recipes 🙂 Collin and her sister Bryn run this fab website and have been so great to me already.

I’ll still be freelance writing and managing the website Central Valley Moms very part time as well, So I’m super duper busy and don’t sleep as much!! Ha

When I left the advertising sales industry five years ago and started a little blog for fun as a stay at home mom, I never thought it’d turn into a full time opportunity…and it has!!! Whoohoo.

I wanted to share my good news because I’m so grateful for those of you who have commented, liked, followed, pinned, and encourage me and my creativity along the way!! I’m especially thankful for all the awesome bloggers who have featured my posts for the last few years! You rock!

Here’s all the recipes I’ve posted to far and all the DIY and crafts I’ve written for Hip2Save so far.

Also here’s a pinterest board I’ve created for all the projects and recipes I’ll be doing at Hip2Save in case you’d; like to follow along.Lina-Hip2Save's Modern MarthaFor now things will be pretty quiet on Fancy Frugal Life, although I’m determined to get the before and afters of our master bedroom up. I still have a few more things to finish. And with the holidays it’s gonna be a little crazy! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am so grateful for you and the wonderful opportunities this site has brought me 🙂




6 thoughts on “I have a job full time…Blogging! WIth an actually salary!!

  1. Congrats Lina! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving (or more talented and inspiring) person! I will enjoy following you in the new place and seeing what you’re up to over there. Thanks for all of the inspiration and encouragement you spread around. They were lucky to snag you!

    — Susan

  2. Congrats Lina! I must admit, I was going through withdrawals from your posts. I’ve been hoping you were MIA because you were doing something fun. I already follow Collin over at hip2save and you guys seem like a great fit–so fun! I’m looking forward to seeing posts from you both on h2s! Hope you’ll still share your diy projects-I love your color choices and ideas!! Enjoy your new opportunity!

  3. L, so glad that you’ve seen so much success in your career thus far. I have always believed that great things will come from our passion for sharing. xoxo Tauni

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