DIY Kitchen Wall Pallet Wall

pallet wall kitchen bar fancy frugal life

We have a ton of home projects going on all at once, and recently finished this pallet wall in the kitchen bar area! I’m excited to be sharing some of the photos today!

We are in love with how amazing how it turned out. What a satisfying project!! The style I love is kind of a farmhouse industrial look and this type of wall is perfect for it!  We also finished making and installing some awesome mason jar lighting above the kitchen bar. I’ll save those details for a different post, but that is also a great DIY project.

Most of the credit goes to my talented husband who has turned into quite the carpenter.

I was the one who painted and stained the wood though! ha. All I did was paint with watered down blue paint on some pieces of wood, and then a also a grey black stain on others. On a couple pieces I did a light stain first, and then did watered down paint on top. The goal was to give it some blue and grey colors while still being able to see the wood grain.

It turns out so fun!

Painting Blue and Grey Planked Pallet Wall fancy frugal life

We are tearing out all the old small baseboards in our house and slowly replacing with a nice thick base. (When I say me, I paint and my husband does most of it. lol) What a difference just that detail makes!! So amazing.

DIY Pallet Wall Fancy Frugal LifeWe still have to paint some of the corner molding, and also fix the electric box. I’m not sure Joel would attempt this pattern again, which was his idea, just because the angles were frustrating at the end. It for sure would have been easier just to do straight across, but this herringbone look is so pretty!
Kitchen bar pallet wallI love how it turned out and looks pretty with the Ikea bar stools. This little wall adds some interest and style to the area and we love it! What do you think?
Plallet Wall in the Kitchen DIY Fancy Frugal Life
planked kitchen bar wall I do love a good before and after!

beforeafter Pallet WallThanks for stopping by! I love to hear your comments and am excited to be sharing some more before and after inspiration from our home remodeling adventures soon!



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    • I used the dark grey stain from ikea and some watered down light blue and grey Behr samples I had in our garage. I would do some in stain and some paint plus stain.

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