Ladybug Applique Shirt, Ruffle Socks & Bows

 My little girl loves ladybugs…Here’s an example of a cute gift I put together for my son’s classmate and of course I had to make one for my little buggy too. I always get excited when we get invited to a girl birthday so I can make something…(Well if I get time)..You know how that goes…Sometimes we have to swing by Target on the way to a birthday, but don’t you agree this is more exciting than plastic toy?
This is the template I used found here….And I used black ric rack for the antene.

If you are new to applique read how I do it here..

I made some matching ladybug bows and also made some ruffle socks. And ruffle socks are so crazy easy to make. My secret is that I stretch the sock, and sew the ribbon to the top. I don’t cut the ribbon off the spool until I sew all the way around. I’ve messed up before by not making my ribbon piece long enough…

And here we are nice enought to sit still for a sec…
Don’t forget to try the ladybug nail art from earlier this year! Fun!




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