Modern Classic Furniture Reproductions

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You’ve already re-painted the walls and feng-shui’d the furniture. What else can you do to add a little excitement to your interior design? Here are 10 out-of-the-box ways to jazz up your home.

1: Houseplants

Forget the gardenias out of Better Homes and Gardens. Go for the fuzzy pink appendages of the acalypha or the crawling tendrils of the spider plant.

2: Egg Chairs

Already a staple of modern homes and hip offices, egg chairs are also great for snooty neighbors or in-laws who still don’t think your husband is good enough. Let them try to turn up their nose when they’re cradled in an egg!

3: Crazy Rugs

The best thing about a colorful or brightly-patterned rug is that it requires no commitment on your part. If it works out, great! If you decide you don’t like it after all, you won’t have to rip up the flooring to get rid of it.

4: Upside-Down Mirrors

Hang your mirrors from the ceiling for an off-beat look that’s still functional. It’s an easy way to add a little whimsy to your home without having resort to major renovations.

5: Chandeliers

Give your guests something to gawk at with the purchase of a grand chandelier for your den or living room. The odds are good that they’ll go right home and order their own, so you’ll start a neighborhood trend!

6: Furniture Reproductions

If you’d like a vintage look without the vintage stains, consider something like modern classic furniture reproductions, which will offer all the groovy style of yesteryear but with 21sty century utility and comfort.

7: Painted Interior Doors

Not only is it fun and quirky, but the next time someone asks for directions to the bathroom, you can just say, “The purple door down the hall.”

8: Upholstered Stairs

Give every step a unique design, like a different color, pattern or image. It can become a fun family project if everyone chips in with ideas or works on it together, like making new step for every birthday or milestone.

9: Storage

Who says organization can’t be interesting? Cut your shelves into the shape of dolphins or flowers. Install rails on your ceiling and keep all your plastic tubs hanging above your head.

10: Stenciled Floors

If you have wooden floors, it’s easy enough to grab some paint and a few stencils and make a one-of-a-kind design. Most people only do this to their walls, but you’re thinking out of the box, remember?

Do you have a modern pieces in your home? What’s your favorite piece?

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