Moving to CA

If I’m MIA this week or for a while this is why. Our stuff is almost packed and we will be moving for the 3rd time out of state as a family!… And in two years we will be doing it all over again! Ha 
While we are extremely grateful for my husband’s job in construction management, moving for his projects is part of our lives for now….. and I’m not the biggest fan of moving. With that said…
I am thankful for packers & movers when its 115 degrees outside!
But guess what? A different house also means new decorating opportunities! Yeah for that part!
Here’s to a new beginning and adventure for us.
I can’t believe we pulled this off in one month notice, and moving in the weekend before school starts! Whew!! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Moving to CA

  1. Welcome to the central valley!! I'm not sure where you're coming from since I only just now stumbled across your site (and I'm very happy I did, I LOVE it!!), but I'm hoping the climate isn't too much of a shock for you! I moved down to Visalia (40 minutes south of you) from Seattle 4 years ago and boy was THAT an adjustment! But if I can learn to love the valley I would think anyone can. Major props on the move too so close to school starting! I might have to check out Fresno's Goodwill(s?), our local Goodwill SUCKS. Most things are either junk, over priced, or over priced junk, I've found maybe 2 or 3 good things there in 4 years. Seriously. : ) I didn't realize how good I had it with the closest Goodwill to us in Seattle until we moved here! I'd love to find a new one, we're up in Fresno ALL the time anyways for medical reasons at Children's.

  2. I just saw that you moved from Phoenix, so not that much adjustment at all except for the colder winters. Never mind my comment about adjusting then lol! Lucky you! : )

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