My breadbox makeover to phone charger and kitchen clutter catch all

Breadbox to Cell Phone Charging Station Fancy Frugal Life

Since it’s Earth Day and one of my favorite hobbies is to makeover, repurpose, or reuse inexpensive second hand or thrift store items, here is a great example I am LOVING in my kitchen!
Breadbox Makeover Fancy Frugal Life

If you’ve been following along via Instagram last month, I posted this pic my vintage $6 breadbox find from Goodwill.
breadbox beforeIt’s actually pretty large and my hubby was like, “What are you gonna do with that?” LOL I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for! A spot to hide the kitchen counter clutter! You know the spot where you drop wallets, phone chargers, watches, change, keys, ect? That stuff!
breadbox duringAll it needed was some paint and to be cleaned up. I love the bread lettering on the roll top, and wanted to keep that part the same.
Breadbox to phone chargerWe drilled a small hole in the back for phone chargers and added this phone organizer we already were using and a spot for pencils, and change. I also added some hooks for car keys.
Hide the kitchen clutter with a breadbox Fancy frugal life
breadbox after fancy frugal lifeAhhh there, now close it up and that stuff disappears. My heart is happy! 🙂

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