My Fancy Frugal Whimsical Christmas Table

Well all the Christmas decorating is finished and now I’m in the cleanup and catch up on laundry mode. We’ve had 4 straight days of rain so I hope to get some better photos of my tree soon.
Today I’m sharing my classic yet whimsical and fun Christmas dinning table.
I recently picked up a few great steals at Home Goods and these white/red ice skates are now my favorite part of the table!
I needed a table runner and came home with this lovely…..
 I also have a runner hanging along the back chair.

My white feather wreath I made last year works great here…
 I was handed down these cute old school place mats from my mom and I love them…
These cute dollar store plates match perfect!
 This Santa was delivered to us as a gift. He’s actually a series of cardboard boxes and inside was candy & popcorn…I’m glad I saved him because he looks cute here!

Thanks so much for stopping and and always leaving such nice comments!


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3 thoughts on “My Fancy Frugal Whimsical Christmas Table

  1. Hi Lina! What a nice table-scape you have! The colors all match as if they were purchased together! Love the Santa! And those place mats are so vintage! What a nice place to celebrate the Christmas dinner! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

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