My Favorite Camera Photo Editing Apps

4 favorite phone apps

Are you like me, obsessed with documenting life via your iPhone? It’s so convenient to grab it when your kids are doing something cute, plus It’s completely possible to take some great photos with your cell phone camera! My biggest tip is keep your hand as still as possible and if you tap the screen right before you take a photo it focuses the image.

Today I’m sharing my favorite photo editing phone apps you may not know about, along with pictures I’ve actually edited. These will take you beyond Instagram, which we all know and LOVE. I usually end up editing my photos on one of these apps and then sharing them to Instagram.

Rhonna Designs- This is a brand new one and it’s by far my favorite! My personal Facebook friends are probably so sick of seeing these and I don’t care! The fonts and banners are the most stylish by far. It has so many built in inspirational quotes, memes, and word art. Plus it also has the cropping and filters we are used to having. Cost $1.99, only for iPhone as of now.

a river

PicLab- This one is great too. It has beautiful typography, nice filters and photo effects, and lots of shapes, and borders. Cost: Free and .99 to take off watermark on the bottom right, for iPhone or Android.

Camera+ It might sound weird, but I like this one for editing cell phone pics that aren’t square. It has excellent clarity features and I like that you can adjust the brightness ect. It’s also easy to use, has filters, and text. It’s not my favorite for text but does the best job at editing the actual image. Cost $1.99 for iPhone or Android

BubbleFrame- This one is just plain fun and reminds me of scrap-booking with all the pretty and stylish background patterns to choose from. Plus it’s really unique because you can fill it with adjustable “bubble” photos. It now also has text on photo features. Cost: $1.99 for both iPhone or Android

I hope you all are having fun snapping away those perfect summer memories! Have you used any of these apps yet? I’d love to hear how you edit your cell phone pictures.

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  1. LIna, Hi, so good to hear from you! You have the cutest kids in the whole world! This is so perfect, I am getting an I phone next week. I had to finish up one of those crappy contracts and I wanted to change companies without paying out the nose….So, yea. I can’t wait, so many times I am out and about and see something I would like a photo of! I had a heck of time trying to figure out how to comment, then I saw that little bubble on top. I wonder if other people are having trouble finding it? Of course I don’t even have an Iphone yet…so far behind LOL!


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