Oh SNAP! I want to go!

Happy friday girls! (and guys? Not sure if I have any?) …Tonight I’m declaring my want/need to attend SNAP. It’s a craft and DIY social media conference where some of the coolest creative bloggers around will be sharing their talents. I must go! It’s in Salt Lake City, UT. April 19th-21st.

5.) The Queen Bee Market! I was able to go during Blogher 2011 and it was AMAZING!
4.) I need to wear something other than sweats/flip flops for an entire weekend! My SAHM uniform is sad.
3.)You (my readers) will benefit from all the knowledge and inspiration I will gain:)
2.) I need to speak and interact with some adults! Although I adore my kiddie conversations dearly…Sometimes marathon episodes of Phineas & Ferb and Laurie Berkner Band can get to me by Friday..like right now.
1.) I just need a break…from the full time cleaning, cooking, homework, lunches, sick with the flu kids,laundry, and all that glamorous stuff!!

VOTE here!!!!! It’s open until Jan 27. I’d sure appreciate your vote to earn a ticket.

Thanks a million! Hugs.


2 thoughts on “Oh SNAP! I want to go!

  1. good luck, i entered too but i stopped by and laughed at your reasons because i feel the exact same way… oh to wear cute clothes for even one day haha!

  2. I agree with you. I need a mommy vacation too. Good luck. I don't get to go because I live in Canada and can't afford to go. I'm a new follower BTW.

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