Pantry #2 (Organizing with thrift store items and chalkboard vinyl)

Hi Friends! 
Remember this summer when I did a little makeover with some fancy & frugal pantry organizing….

 and then we had to move?! 
Well the first day we moved in the pantry was my my first project 🙂

My hubby was was like “Really? Can’t we just unpack everything first?”
“No we must style the pantry now.” 🙂

Knowing I wouldn’t be close to a Hobby Lobby I picked up a roll of chalkboard vinyl before we left. It’s my very favorite organizing tool and everywhere in my house! 
Yes I just cut all the labels with scissors.,,,

The general theme of my pantry organization method is to collect containers and baskets from thrift stores and then take most everything out of the original package to store.
I used the chalkboard vinyl on the inside of my cabinets.

Lazy Susans are a must for pantry items! I think I need one fro my fridge next…

Baskets for my kid snacks…
 I no longer have an entire closet but I’m glad everything still fits!
 Have you organized your pantry lately? I think it’s so much faster to identify items and put away.
Thanks for stopping by today!
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11 thoughts on “Pantry #2 (Organizing with thrift store items and chalkboard vinyl)

  1. I love how you've organized your pantry. I am working on mine. What did you use to cut out the chalkboard vinyl labels?

  2. This is such a useful and organized space! Thanks for the fantastic ideas! My pantry needs some of your organizational skills ASAP!! 🙂

  3. Seriously, this is the cutest idea for organizing. Oh my goodness, I know I am going to be so busy over the holidays reorganizing. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome idea!


  4. Your pantry looks awesome! I love your white jars with your own made black labels too, wow. What did you use for the white writing? Thanks for sharing, it's great, you did a fabulous organization!!

  5. Ooh, I love an organized pantry! After seeing yours, I'm fully convinced I need a lazy susan… why have I never thought of that before?! Great job!

  6. Your pantry turned out wonderfully! I recently did mine too, chalkboard painted the insides of the doors and used a combo of labels and chalkboard labeled bins. Love the look you created and sooo functional:)

  7. The Idea Room shared her rpicee on how toa0make chalkboard paint in just about any color under the rainbow.a0 It’s really easy.a0 I still have some leftover paint from the time that I painted the apartment.a0 This will help recycle some of that leftover paint, too.

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