Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites & Our Easter

Happy Easter friends! I hope you all had a fabulous day. I had a great day with my family and wanted to share a couple treats I made.
We took these Peanut Butter Pretzel bites to an egg hunt this morning.

They were a gigantic hit and super easy to make! The recipe can be found on the blog Two Tiny Kitchens. I had repinned it on Pinterest.

The other treat I made were these cute bunny shaped sugar cookies. I saw something like it in the April 2012 Martha Stewart magazine. Mine were store bought dough…I’m sure her’s weren’t! lol I LOVE the ribbon detail.

And last but not least my daughter’s bunny toes I painted 🙂 I love doing stuff like this! catch the tutorial on CutePolish.

Finally, I just wanted to thank you ALL for the tremendous response I had on my craft closet transformation! Comments had been kinda sparse lately so I thought maybe everyone was sick of me 🙂 Well I was AMAZED at all the love I received on Facebook and here, so THANK YOU!

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7 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites & Our Easter

  1. Wow, amazing how a little picture of a pb, choco pretzel bite can immediately make my mouth water. I am going to get the recipe now.
    Love the family pics – beautiful!!

  2. Your family photos are gorgeous! I LOVE the sugar cookies with the ribbons ~ so unique and sweet too. I know everyone loved the PB treats! Glad you had a great day.

    Thanks for stopping by ~ I really appreciate it!


  3. I really love pretzels and these look really good. Thanks for sharing I would have never thought of this.

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