I remember doing silhouettes in elementary school with the old fashioned projector light on the chalk board.
I wanted to try a more updated look for my kids. Read a tutorial here on how to do that with To be honest I could do step 1 and 2 and then was stuck so then what? Well after about an hour messing with it I called my brother and he did it in 30 seconds with Photoshop! Ha ha. Thanks Ryan 🙂
I’m sure you all are better with computers and can do this no problem!
Take a profile photo of the kiddos
(I had to bribe with M&Ms…see she’s holding

and use an editing software to take out the background layer and make the silhouette black. I actually used dark brown on mine.
Then I found some cute frames at Hobby Lobby for 10.00 each and glued the silhouettes on top of scrapbook paper.
And there you go!

Here’s how it looks in the hall bathroom 🙂

I think these would also make such great gifts!

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3 thoughts on “Silhouettes

  1. love that your silhouettes are in fab. frames, so super cute…. I just ADORE your whole bathroom too. I am sharing this on my CraftOManiac FB page. winks-jen

  2. These are precious! I love silhouettes. When I taught kindergarten, I always made them for the moms for Mother's Day. I did it just like you remember, the overhead projector. Imgaine getting that many kids to be still and occupying the others while you carefully trace. You did a great job displaying yours too!
    Just found your lovely blog via WUW. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back.
    Have a great day!

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