That Time I Found 2 Pottery Barn Kids Backpacks for $14.99 each with Our Names on Them!

How I scored Pottery Barn Backpacks for Cheap! Fancy Frugal Life

Sometimes the skies open and the shopping Gods shine down on you while browsing your favorite store!

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This happened to me the other day and it was SO EXCITING!

A discount shopping store called DownEast Home recently opened by me in Phoenix and I noticed that they had really cute kids furniture and items, but what I didn’t realize until I saw the backpacks and lunch boxes they recently put out, was that they are Pottery Barn stuff! Click here to see all their locations

It was like a fun treasure hunt to see if they had anything with my own kids names and they did!! Hooray! So I scored two backpacks with their names already on them for just $14.99 each, and they retail for around $59!!

Now this retailer won’t tell you where they get their items for legal reasons, but as a PB Kids fan I can tell you a lot of it was from there! They had lunchboxes, luggage, furniture, bedding ect. What a fun place!

Where to get cheap pottery barn kids stuff Fancy Frugal LIfeI featured my new dining room table we purchased from this same store in a previous blog post, and now I’m wondering and thinking if it may be Pottery Barn too?! Cool right?

Dining Room Fancy Frugal Life

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