Thrift Store Find: My New to Me Leather Chair

leather chair from Salvation Army

Thanks for stopping in to see my recent find from the local Salvation Army. I was there on my 75% off kids clothes day a couple weeks ago and found this leather chair and ottoman for just $ free. What’s funny is that I bought it for a friend of my hubby’s that just moved here and has no furniture, but I decided to keep it. Mean huh? I told him I’d find him something else. And I did. The very next week I found him a nice microfiber couch and futon..perfect for his apartment at the same thrift store.

Living Room Decor

This spot has sort of sat empty since we moved in just waiting for the perfect chair.and I found it! It’s super squishy and comfortable. There’s a few scratches on the ottoman, but I think it’s in great shape especially for the price.

At the store I asked a few people if they thought it was real leather,because the cushions feel so real. Everyone I asked said yes, but now that’s it home I’m thinking no because it doesn’t smell like leather? I dunno..but it doesn’t matter..It’s working out great!

thrift store find leather chair

The first thing I needed to do was pick out some throw pillows that matched the room and came home with these from Ross &6.99 each,

Throw pillows

I’ve moved my little french label table by it, and it’s nice to sit in when my hubby’s not here! This is the new favorite place to sit and relax.

french label table 2

Have you made any great thrift store finds lately?

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5 thoughts on “Thrift Store Find: My New to Me Leather Chair

  1. I would say the wear on the seat cushion and the ottoman look like leather. Sometimes they are leather match, which means anywhere you set your body (back cushion, seat cushion and arms) are leather while the rest is matching vinyl. Great score. I never find anything 1/2 that nice!

    Visiting from TT&J!


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